Does Jon Gosselin From ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Regret Filming the Show?

We all remember when Jon and Kate Gosselin first hit the reality TV scene back in the early 2000s with Jon & Kate Plus 8. The quaint couple who lived in suburban Pennsylvania were made famous thanks to their set of twins and sextuplets, and the public loved watching their family dynamics. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before Jon and Kate’s marriage fell apart in the public eye. And fans of the family are still hearing about their feuds a decade after their divorce.

Now, both Jon and Kate are a little older and wiser, and they’ve certainly both gained insight into the world of reality TV fame. As for Jon, he’s also commented on how he feels about filming the show after all is said and done. Here are his thoughts from over the years.

Jon said, overall, he doesn’t regret filming the show

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There’s no doubt Jon and Kate’s divorce was ugly — and even now, Jon is still fighting for custody over some of the children. Despite the drama, though, he mentioned back in 2013 that he wouldn’t take away the experience even if he could erase the past, Today reports. “I don’t regret anything,” he told Entertainment Tonight in an interview. “Because you learn from your mistakes. That’s what builds you into who you are today,” he continued.

At the time, Jon was no longer taking part in reality TV and was instead waiting tables at Black Dog restaurant and allegedly living “in the woods.” While he stated people recognized him from the show, he was working on rebuilding his life away from reality TV while Kate continued in the entertainment business.

He does regret unleashing his temper on his loved ones, however

While Jon doesn’t regret filming the show, he’s noted that he’s not proud of how he’s always conducted himself. ABC News reminds us that Jon dated Hailey Glassman back in 2009 after his divorce, and that relationship wasn’t drama-free, either. According to Hailey, Jon had quite the temper while they were dating — and she even mentioned that he would throw “mantrums.” Hailey also mentioned she didn’t want to leave Jon, but there were plenty of times when she disliked him because of his attitude. “When I love someone I would never hurt them,” she said.

In response, Jon apologized with, “I am grateful for her emotional support and I regret any pain that my actions have caused her as she has selflessly born the pressures I have endured under the media glare.” Unfortunately, their relationship couldn’t withstand the pressure.

He also regrets socializing with other women so publicly

The divorce was tough for both Jon and Kate, and it’s clear they were both hurt during the entire process. The Huffington Post recalls Jon flaunting his relationship with Hailey during this time put him at even greater odds with Kate. Not only that, but he was also known for partying with much younger women. If he could do anything over, he would have changed the way he conducted himself while he was healing his wounds from the divorce.

As Jon told In Touch Weekly at the time, “I regret my conduct since Kate and I separated [on June 22]. I used poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon.” Since then, Jon has certainly cleaned up his act, so it seems he meant what he said, too.

One thing Jon would have changed: Having a lawyer when signing the show’s contract

Jon made one vital mistake before Jon & Kate Plus 8 was ever filmed — and that was not having a lawyer present when the contract for the show was being signed. CNN reports Jon said in 2009, “I made mistakes. I know I messed up. I do regret a lot of things. But I have to learn from those mistakes and move forward.” And he noted the lack of a lawyer during the contractual signing was something he should’ve paid more attention to.

Jon eventually got a lawyer in 2009. “Now I have a sense of empowerment. Before, I didn’t have any representation. I take blame for not being an initiator. I was an avoider. I was passive,” he said. Things are looking up for Jon these days, however, as he most recently gained custody of his son, Collin, and his daughter, Hannah, lives with him full-time.

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