Does Kate Middleton Feel ‘Obligated’ By the Royal Family to Have a Fourth Baby?

Kate Middleton is facing more rumors that she and Prince William are pregnant with their fourth child. Royal watchers are convinced that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting after she skipped out on William’s recent trip to the Middle East. While most fans suspect that Kate wants to have another child, some experts believe that she might feel obligated to have another little one.

Kate Middleton Prince Louis Prince William
Kate Middleton, Prince Louis, and Prince William | Photo by John Stillwell – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Inside the pregnancy rumors

Prince William and Kate Middleton have three amazing children at the moment, but there are rumors that she is getting ready to have her fourth baby.

Kate welcomed her first child in 2013 when she had Prince George. She waited two years before she had Princess Charlotte and close to three years before she had Prince Louis in the spring of 2018.

Because Kate has always spaced out her pregnancies by two or three years, royal experts believe the timing is right for her to have another child.

“Two years between George and Charlotte and three years between Charlotte and Louis. On that basis, we could expect a fourth little Cambridge to be on the way fairly soon,” royal author Katharine Graves shared.

Medical experts typically advise women to wait at least 12 to 24 months before having another baby. If Kate Middleton is following that rule of thumb, then it is possible that she will announce another pregnancy in the coming months.

While most fans assume that Kate wants another child to give Prince Louis a younger sibling, there may be another reason why she wants to expand the family.

Does Kate Middleton feel obligated to have more children?

If the rumors are true and Kate does want a fourth baby, then there is a chance that she feels obligated to have said child.

According to International Business Times, Graves noted that the royals tend to have more children than the average because their kids grow up in a bubble. So having more siblings helps them mature in a healthy environment and gives them more chances to interact with other children.

“When you live in a goldfish bowl as the royal children do, it must be thoroughly healthy to have siblings to grow up with,” Graves explained.

It is possible that Kate Middleton is aware of this fact and wants to ensure that all of her children have siblings to grow up with, including her youngest son, Prince Louis.

Despite the intense speculation surrounding Kate’s pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge has not discussed the issue in public. Unless she plans on making a pregnancy announcement in the near future, that will probably not change.

Fans are convinced that Kate is pregnant

Although Kate Middleton has been silent on the issue, fans believe they have picked up on a major clue that proves she is expecting her fourth child with William.

William recently enjoyed a four-day trip to the Middle East where he met with leaders in Oman and Kuwait before returning home to London. The tour was a huge success, though fans were quick to notice that Kate was absent on the trip.

While William was rubbing elbows with people in the Middle East, Kate Middleton was hosting world leaders from NATO at Buckingham Palace.

Fans surmised that the real reason Kate stayed home is that there is a travel warning in the region over Malaria. Pregnant women have a higher risk of getting the disease, which is why the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned pregnant women from traveling to the area.

This could be why Kate decided against traveling with William, though nothing official has been confirmed.

Kate Middleton takes a walk with Louis

Amid all of the pregnancy talk, Kate recently took some time out of her busy day to catch a lunch-time walk with her youngest son and the family’s dog, Lupo. The trio strolled around Kensington Palace and flew under the radar until one lucky fan spotted them.

After photos of the outing surfaced online, fans pointed out that Prince Louis has grown a lot over the past year.

Royal watchers were also happy to see Kate doing ordinary things with her children and were proud that she can appear in public without the need for extra security.

We do not know if Kate is expecting her fourth child with William, but there is little doubt that she would be an amazing mother to all four of her kiddos.

While we wait for something official, Prince William and Kate Middleton are currently preparing to spend the holidays with Queen Elizabeth at Sandringham.