Does Kathryn Dennis from ‘Southern Charm’ Think Her Spending Was Out of Control?

From cruising in a Rolls Royce to renting a $6,600 a month crib, Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm was certainly living the good life. The show’s OG redhead moved from her modest apartment last year to a sprawling home in one of Charleston’s most desirable neighborhoods.

But as she indulged her taste for the expensive, friends and cast members grew concerned. The bigger reason for concern stemmed from Dennis’ behavior in the past and her struggle with addiction.

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis |Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

So why did cast members come down on Dennis for her spending habits? And did she think she was spending out of control?

This was why friends were concerned

Naomie Olindo led the charge of calling Dennis out for her spending. She cited the car purchase, but also the lavish home. During a fairytale luxury treehouse getaway, Olindo confronted Dennis on her extravagant spending habits.

Olindo called Dennis’ money management “foolish” but clearly the cast worried perhaps Dennis fell back into addiction. Last year Dennis came back to the show completely sober and fully transformed. But when she stopped answering her phone and didn’t come to the door, Olindo and Danni Baird were concerned. At the time Dennis admitted she was stressed about how former boyfriend Thomas Ravenel’s girlfriend Ashley Jacobs was treating her. But she wasn’t using or drinking.

The cast became concerned again this season when Dennis repeated the pattern of going MIA. Before the ladies left for their treehouse getaway, no one could reach Dennis. Dennis showed up at the last minute and said she was traveling with her new boyfriend. But the women were still worried.

Was she spending too much?

Dennis stopped by Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast and addressed her spending head-on. She admits that friends were just concerned and wanted to make sure she wasn’t struggling.

But added, her friends may not fully understand the entire picture. “I will say that they were coming from a good place,” Dennis said. “That conversation got misconstrued and polarized. The spending habits: They know nothing about my spending habits, quite frankly.”

However, Dennis addressed why her friends were worried. “In retrospect, after a few more things happened, I realized whether or not they know what place they were coming from, I was making irrational, irresponsible decisions regarding money, etc.; however, I caught myself soon enough,” she remarked.

Living in Charleston is expensive

Although you can live on a budget in Lowcountry, the cost of living is on the higher side in Charleston. For instance,  Best Places found most residents end up spending the majority of their budget on rent or their mortgage.

Other expenses are higher in the area too. Residents pay more for utilities, plus gas and auto insurance is higher in Charleston than in other areas of South Carolina.

And if you want to live in a more desirable neighborhood, you’ll also pay more. Even though Dennis paid $6,600 a month on her rental, that isn’t the most expensive crib in her South of Broad neighborhood. One amazing home was being offered at $9,300 a month for rent.