Does Kim Kardashian Regret Her Worst Fashion Mistakes? Why She Calls Kanye West Her ‘Best Stylist’

Kim Kardashian might be a fashion icon now, but her style wasn’t always so on point. There were some pretty bad fashion moments for Kardashian in years past, but she doesn’t seem to have any regrets about missing the style mark. She’s got husband Kanye West to thank for getting her on the right path, fashion-wise, calling him her “best stylist.”

kim kardashian kanye west fashion mistake
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West | Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Kardashian embraces her fashion mistakes

Kardashian is owning her fashion mistakes of the past and, in a new interview with her husband for Vogue Arabia, the reality star admits some of her missteps, but absolutely doesn’t regret a thing.

When she first graced red carpets, she opted for satin dresses, big belts, and oversized jewelry — oh, how far she’s come. In fact, she’s now landed on the cover of Vogue multiple times and received the CFDA Fashion Influencer Award in 2018, so you know she’s doing something right.

She admitted to husband West in their Vogue Arabia interview: “I love my worst moments now. I look back and have to laugh; it was so much fun. It was who I was, what I could afford, and what I knew at the time.”

Did Kanye West save Kim Kardashian from fashion disaster?

It turns out that West really helped Kardashian on the fashion front, as she noted that before him, during the “first seven years of filming KUWTK,” her style wasn’t anything to brag about.

In 2012, West raided her closet during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, giving Kim a full overhaul that included dumping a lot of her clothing.

On the episode, she explained how she trusted West with the makeover: “Kanye has definitely inspired me to be a little bit more of an individual. I think my style is just evolving and changing and I think it should because that is what life is about. He is a fashion designer and he loves clothes so I’m excited to collaborate with him to see what his take on fashion is.”

Back to their Vogue Q&A, she admitted to her husband: “I didn’t understand at the time why you wanted to get rid of pretty much everything I owned, but I pretended like I did. You were showing me all of these different designers that I had never heard of before.”

She added: “Now, I totally get it. Now I’m very confident in what I wear. You have been my best stylist.”

Designer Zac Posen also stepped up her game

Kardashian also noted how designer Zac Posen was instrumental in helping her move forward with her style, as he brought to the 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards.

She explained: “[He] was the first designer with a fashion house to believe in me when nobody did. He invited me to the CFDA Awards and I remember him saying to me, ‘Kim, I see this in you, can you please trust me?’”

Kardashian added: “He wanted me to wear minimal makeup. I was so uncomfortable and, of course, showed up with a full face.”