Do Kim Kardashian and Meghan Markle Use the Same Makeup?

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | Kim Kardashian via Instagram

If you follow the Kardashians on TV or social media, you may find Kim Kardashian West the most trendy in how she lives her life. Even if you don’t care about her other lifestyle, you may love how she’s become a major trendsetter in creating her own makeup and wardrobe.

While Kim goes out of her way to create unique health and makeup routines, you rarely see her use something someone else made popular.

Recently, she began using one makeup product used by Meghan Markle. What’s behind this, and what kind of beauty tips does she normally use from her popular makeup artist?

Achieving a flawless finish with Meghan Markle’s favorite foundation

Kardashian’s Twitter account often shows her posting various makeup tips, or presenting some of her favorite makeup products. On January 5, she posted information about her most used contour and highlighter available through her website

Even if Kardashian has a $175 million empire in selling makeup, it’s clear she borrows whatever works for others.

It’s confirmed she’s using the same foundation product Meghan Markle has enjoyed using for a while. Cosmopolitan reported on this in January about the use of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

The official source of Kim Kardashian using this came from famous makeup artist, Patrick Ta.

The strong relationship between Ta and Kardashian

As you can see from Patrick Ta’s Instagram photo from last October, he’s very close to Kim Kardashian. He says in the post that he gives her credit for his career.

He isn’t associated with Kardashian’s main makeup artist (Mario Dedivanovic), yet Ta and Kim are still very close. Despite Ta being one of the most brilliant makeup artists in Hollywood now, he sees the worth in a lot of Giorgio Armani makeup products. You can never go wrong with anything from Armani anyway.

This foundation has become so popular, even Kim’s sister Kylie Jenner is known to use it. You can see what it looks like on her in a recent Instagram pic with her older sister.

Working with Mario Dedivanovic

According to Elle, Dedivanovic has been Kim Kardashian’s official makeup artist for over a decade. He’s developed a lot of her makeup products on KKWBeauty and became even more sought out in Hollywood than Ta has.

His Instagram followers are also tremendous, allowing him to post frequent pics with Kardashian.

We expect Dedivanovic has a lot of makeup secrets he keeps to himself. Regardless, he’s not afraid to show some of the secrets he’s applied to Kardashian over the years. He recommends such helpful makeup tips like doing concealer before you apply foundation.

Other tips he gave out on Elle include blending to highlight eyebrows (a famous Kardashian look), plus using concealer as an eyeshadow primer.

These tips give you an idea of the type of beauty products Kim Kardashian offers on her site where she’s always adding more.

Popular Kardashian makeup products, and passing the torch

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Take a look at and you’ll find every makeup product imaginable. Some of their bestsellers include the recently sold out X Mario 10 Pan Eyeshadow Palette. A couple other bestsellers are X Kylie Lip Set, and Creme Contour & Highlight Kit.

New products added recently include a revamped lip set in addition to a prime collection of makeup kits under the Glam Bible brand name.

Because makeup is a huge part of the Kardashian West brand, it’s not surprising her kids are starting to show interest. A lot of them are already experimenting with these products on their own.

We can only assume that in several decades, North West will take over the makeup empire, perhaps leaving no irony if she moves to the U.S. Northeast.