Does Loki Live Again in ‘Avengers 4: Endgame’?

Loki has become one of the world’s favorite anti-heroes, much like DC’s Harley Quinn. Not quite a villain, but certainly not a hero, Loki is a dynamic character that keeps audiences guessing. It doesn’t hurt that the role of Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is played by the much-beloved (and exceedingly handsome) Tom Hiddleston. 

The death of Loki at the hands of Thanos in The Avengers 3: Infinity Wars had fans everywhere bawling their eyes out … but not for long, it seems. Many fans theorize that Loki will live again in the upcoming Avengers 4: Endgame movie, and some of this speculation makes a good bit of sense. But does Loki live again? Here’s what we know.

Loki definitely died

Some fans have theorized that it wasn’t really Loki who died, but one of the many mirror images of himself he is able to create. This theory, however, is definitely false. Why? Thanos was able to physically hold Loki while he killed him.

If fans paid attention to the other Marvel movies, Loki’s mirror image looks real but it can’t be touched. The final word here? Loki definitely died. 

He’s died before

One thing fans are riding on is that Loki has died and been resurrected before. Thus, it only makes sense that the God of Mischief would make another resurrection. This one does make some sense, because it’s hinted at in Avengers 3: Infinity War.

While speaking to Rocket Raccoon about the death of his home planet, sister, father, and brother, Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) jokes that Loki “has been dead before.” 

Loki has a dedicated television series coming up

Another big hint that Loki will live again is that there is a television series dedicated to the God of Mischief, which will be airing on Netflix sometime in the near future.

If he’s dead, then how would he have his own show? Unless, of course, the series is set in the past to show how Loki became who and what he was. This being said, the television series neither confirms nor denies the resurrection of Loki. 

Time travel explanation could alter events

One of the favorite fan theories currently circulating is that time travel could potentially save Loki’s life, thus making it so that he never died in the first place. Messing with time has been a common theme in Marvel recently, thanks to Thanos unraveling the universe and undoing time (like he did with Vision). 

This theory proposes that leaked set photos show the cast of The Avengers returning in time to The Battle of New York, where Loki was present. As time travelers, they would have their current memories which Loki could then access to see his future demise.

Using this information, Loki could alter the events that happened with Thanos in the beginning of Avengers 3: Infinity War, and would then live. This, of course, would also alter numerous other events that happen and shift the entire timeline the movie ended with. 

He isn’t on the cast list

Tom Hiddleson
Actor Tom Hiddleston | Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Sad news for those believing that Loki might live again, Tom Hiddleston does not appear on the official casting list for Avengers 4: End Game. While this appears conclusive, it could simply be a marketing ploy by the directors in light of all the rumors and theories abounding regarding the character.

But, there is more conclusive evidence that Loki is truly and utterly dead forever.

The directors cut down all fan theories

With millions of ‘Loki Lives’ memes and theories circulating on social media, the directors took an interview as an opportunity to shut them down.

When asked if any of them were true, or if Loki might live, the directors had only one thing to say: “Loki is dead.”