Does Meghan Markle Miss Hollywood?

Meghan Markle had to give up almost her entire life to marry into the royal family. Before becoming a duchess, she was an American actress living in Toronto. While Markle had some media attention, because of her role on Suits, it is nothing like the paparazzi frenzy that happens now every time the Duchess of Sussex leaves the house. How is she handling the adjustment, and does she miss Hollywood? Here’s what we know. 

Meghan Markle’s fame has increased

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

Even though she has a Hollywood background, and many said that would help her fit into royal life, her fame on Suits was never anything like it is now. Let’s face it: Markle was never a household name. In fact, very few even knew who she was before she started dating the prince.

Add to that, the fact that she actually lived in Toronto during her most popular time period as an actress. Paparazzi just aren’t as active in Toronto as they are in Los Angeles, so Markle was able to go shopping, or out to lunch with friends without attracting much attention. 

Contrast that to how her life is now, and it’s completely different. Everyone knows who Markle is, and the paparazzi follow her everywhere. All reports seem to indicate Markle wanted fame. At first, she probably relished the attention. But a constant lack of privacy gets old.

With Hollywood and royals alike, most stars find fame exhausting after awhile. She may be starting to miss her quiet life as an actress in Toronto. Maybe this is why we haven’t seen much of Markle since Baby Archie’s birth. She’s probably enjoying the time out of the spotlight. However, it does come at a price. She’s not able to leave the Frogmore Cottage, or the cameras will be following her once again, and that has to get lonely.

Meghan Markle may be finding royal life lonely

Markle had to move away from all her friends in America for a new life in the United Kingdom. And because she was not born into British society, she may be finding it hard to fit in. When all your friends have to fly over the ocean just to make a visit, we imagine it can get rather lonely. Add to that, the fact that there are very few people who understand what her new life is like.

There’s Kate Middleton, her new sister in law, but we’ve all heard the many reports that they don’t get along that well. Even if there is very little truth in the reports, it doesn’t appear that Middleton will be a new best friend to Markle any time soon. They aren’t seen together very often, and when they are, their body language seems to indicate a strained relationship. 

Frogmore Cottage offers a peaceful retreat. It may be a place that Markle feels very comfortable and able to be herself away from the cameras, but it may be like a prison if Markle is getting lonely and feels unable to leave. 

Meghan Markle has strong opinions

As an actress, it was normal and even expected for Markle to share her thoughts on political and social issues. We all know that Markle leans left politically, and considers herself a feminist. However, the royal family is not allowed to comment on politics, in order to appear to the wider British public. Markle has been speaking her mind about these issues since she was a little girl. She may be missing the freedom she once had to broadcast her opinions. 

Does Meghan Markle miss Hollywood?

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Asking if Markle misses Hollywood is a little complicated. She grew up in Hollywood but did not experience success as an actress until she moved to Toronto. A better question to ask is if Markle misses her life as an actress. 

Prince Harry and Markle have decided they want to raise their child out of Hollywood, and away from the spotlight as much as possible. This may indicate that she’s finding her new extreme fame a bit difficult to deal with. Add in all the stuffy restrictions that come with the royal family, and Markle probably does miss her old life- to some extent. 

However, she does have a new love and a new baby. Although she can’t voice her opinions politically, she can show what’s important to her through her new charity work. Let’s hope that these are enough to keep her happy in her new royal life.