Does Meghan Markle Regret Marrying Her First Husband?

Meghan Markle might be in love with Prince Harry now, but he wasn’t her first serious relationship. The duchess was married to Trevor Engelson from 2011-2013, but the two don’t seem to keep in touch anymore. Now that Meghan is living a completely different life, does she regret marrying Engelson first?

Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson
Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson in 2011 | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Duchess Meghan started dating Engelson back in 2004

Engelson is a film producer and talent manager from Los Angeles, where Meghan was born and raised. Since Meghan is a former actress, it’s no surprise the two crossed paths. They began dating back in 2004 and were together for a good portion of Meghan’s acting career. They wed in a simple, quiet ceremony in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The two kept a low profile, and though Meghan had a budding career as an actress, neither of them were A-list celebs, so they were able to remain fairly quiet about their relationship. But just as quickly as the two fell in love, things fizzled out.   

Meghan reportedly mailed back Engelson’s rings without much explanation

The two separated in August 2013, but they didn’t give much explanation as to why. They cited irreconcilable differences in their divorce, which doesn’t give us much information, either. But Andrew Morton, a royal biographer who wrote a book about the duchess, claims that the couple’s decision to divorce was entirely on her. Morton reported that Meghan divorced Engelson “totally out of the blue,” and even mailed back the wedding and engagement rings to him without explaining why. Morton suggested that two separate sources told him Meghan was the one who decided she no longer wanted to be with Engelson.

Meghan’s divorce has led some to cast her in a bad light

Those who marry into the royal family are often poised, polished, and have a perfectly clean track record. Some might suggest Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is the perfect example of a royal. However, Meghan had a few marks on her past. Her divorce, specifically, led some to cast her in a negative light — especially when it was reported that she divorced her husband out of nowhere. However, after everything that happened with Princes Charles and Duchess Camilla, the queen likely thought better than to prevent Prince Harry from marrying the woman he wanted. Meghan has taken well to her role in the royal family, and she appears to get along with all of Prince Harry’s relatives.

The Duchess of Sussex is now happily married to Prince Harry.

The duchess likely doesn’t regret the marriage — she probably learned from it

While nobody wants to go through a divorce, Meghan most likely doesn’t fully regret her marriage to Engelson. Would she do anything differently if she went back in time? Maybe. But she probably learned a thing or two from marrying the wrong person. It may have made it clearer to her what she truly wanted, which helped her see that sooner in Prince Harry. Either way, Meghan most definitely got the happy ending she had hoped for. And so did Engelson — he married his longtime girlfriend Tracey Kurland this past May.