Does Meghan Markle Remind Queen Elizabeth Not to Take Life Too Seriously?

Before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left for Africa, tensions were high around the palace. After a summer of terrible PR for the couple, the tour was very important for the Sussex’s reputation. They would either start to turn things around or crash and burn.

Now that their trip has come to a close, did they accomplish their goal? And most important – What did the Queen think about their performance?

Meghan Markle smiling at the camera
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Samir Hussein/WireImage

The Queen was ‘thrilled’ with the Africa tour

All the bad publicity that Harry and Markle have suffered lately meant that the Africa tour took on more importance. Many hoped that a successful tour would help to repair some of the damage around the Sussex’s reputation. Luckily, it did go well. The Queen, especially, was pleased

Reports indicate that Queen Elizabeth was “thrilled” about Markle’s performance during the Africa tour.

According to Express, Neil Sean, a royal expert said, “We are hearing Her Majesty, The Queen is indeed thrilled with some positive PR.”

More than anything, the Queen is happy with the way Harry and Markle interacted with the public.

“What she likes, apparently, is the informality of the tour,” continued Sean. Although the Queen is usually very formal when meeting the public, she does appear to be pleased when others are able to let loose and convey a friendly attitude.

“We’ve seen Meghan and Harry dancing, clapping, all that sort of stuff- it’s not the sort of things the Queen would necessarily do. But she does like the fact that members of her family do interact when they are on tour.”

Meghan Markle reminds Queen Elizabeth that everything doesn’t have to be serious

Even with all of the pressure surrounding the tour, the couple was able to appear cool and relaxed. Markle was filmed dancing several times during the tour, including the second day, when she and Harry joined a group of children in a welcoming chant called the Kilo.

Although Markle did appear a little stiff and confused about the movements, she was able to laugh it off. The child standing next to Markle tried to help the Duchess and seemed pleased with her performance anyway. 

Queen Elizabeth usually handles the public in a very different manner. Although she is friendly, she is also very formal and stiff. She’s lived a long life following royal protocol, and letting loose is not an easy thing for her.

However, she was impressed with the way Markle was able to act naturally, and it appears that she reminds the Queen that everything doesn’t have to be so serious. 

Meghan Markle made a good impression with her clothing choices

Dancing isn’t the only way that Markle was able to win people over during the Africa tour. Some drastic changes to her wardrobe helped to convey a more down-to-earth and friendly message than her usual, high fashion attire.

According to Vanity Fair, Markle’s entire tour wardrobe only costs around 4,000 pounds, making it much less than she’s spent in the past. For example, during her tour of the South Pacific, it was reported that she spent an estimated 118,000 pounds on her wardrobe. 

While in Africa, Markle made a point of recycling her outfits and wearing comfortable, paired-down choices, like a trench-dress or shirt-dress. She also chose to leave her elaborate diamond engagement ring at home and wear a modest turquoise ring instead. In fact, the Duchess wore very little jewelry on the trip, and when she did, it was simple beaded items. 

One of the big changes we saw was a focus away from naming specific designers while on tour. Usually to palace will announce to the press which brands the Duchess is wearing during an outing, but during her time in Africa, they decide not to supply this information to keep the attention on the event. 

The message seemed to be that Markle was one of the people, there to work and help promote worthy causes, not to show off. 

Queen Elizabeth was also impressed with Meghan Markle’s wardrobe

Although Markle loves designer clothes, she doesn’t have a designated stylist, preferring to choose the outfits herself. However, she has been taking the advice of her private secretary, Samatha Cohen, about how to send a positive message with her image. Reportedly, the Queen is also impressed with how Markle handled her wardrobe during the trip. 

“I expect the Queen will be pleased to see that Meghan has been taking a leaf out of her book,” a royal source told Vanity Fair, “Wearing outfits more than once and taking the advice of trusted aides like Sam.”

It seems that all around Markle handled the African tour successfully. It seemed to accomplish their goal of repairing the damage to their reputation. Now that the couple is returning home to Frogmore, we hope they’ll be able to keep this positive momentum.