Does Meghan Markle’s Age Make Her More Likely to Have Twins?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

In just a few short months the newest member of the British royal family will make its appearance. This special little boy or girl will be the first born to Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle.

While most talk is about the gender, another rumor has been floating around that Markle will be giving birth to twins. While these rumors are unconfirmed, they may have some merit to them. Meghan Markle does have one or two traits which make it more likely for her to have twins. But which traits are those, and why do people seem insistence that she will give birth to two children in late April? Here’s what we know.

Women over 35 are more likely to have twins

A scientific study showed that the older women get, the more likely they are to have twins. The highest prevalence of twin births was found in women over the age of 35, followed by women between age 30 and 34. Meghan Markle is 37 years old, which means that she is in the age group most likely to have twins.

The reason behind this is that there is a hormonal shift as a woman ages. Not only does she begin to release more than one egg during her cycle more often, but she has a higher amount of FSH.

Meghan Markle’s ethnicity gives her a higher chance

Meghan Markle is half African American and half Caucasian. According to Pew Research, these two ethnic groups have the highest chance of multiple births. African American’s have a 4.1% chance of having twins, while Caucasian’s have a 3.8% chance. This is in comparison to 3.2% chance for those of Asian ethnicity, and a 2.5% chance for those of Hispanic ethnicity.

Markle’s height also helps

Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, helps to prepare food | Ben Stanstall/AFP/Getty Images

Meghan Markle is 5’7″ tall. The average height of women in America (her birth place) ranges between 5’3″ and 5’4″. Science has found that women who are taller than average, as the Duchess of Sussex is, have a higher chance of carrying twins.

This third piece of evidence makes the rumor appear as though it must be true, but it isn’t as cut and dry as that. There are also a few factors that go against this rumor, and place Markle in a very low category of having multiple births.

This is Meghan Markle’s first pregnancy

The incidence of twins rises with each consecutive pregnancy, so it is odd for a first birth to be a multiple one. Since this is Markle’s first pregnancy, the likelihood of her carrying twins is very low – even in the face of increased risk factors. That is, unless twins run in her family, in which case she would be at an even higher chance of carrying twins.

It could go either way in April

While the world has latched on to these twin pregnancy rumors, they are just rumors for now. On the one hand, Meghan Markle does have several traits which would put her at an increased chance of carrying twins. Her age, ethnicity, and height all help to fuel the rumors.

On the other hand, however, it’s rare for a first-time mother to birth twins in the absence of a family history of doing so. There is no information that twins do or do not run in Markle’s genetics, so this could be the wild card.

If twins do run in her family, the world may get a new prince and princess in one fell swoop. If they do not run in her family, it is likely we will all be welcoming just one new prince or princess.