Does Miley Cyrus’ Family Approve Of Her Relationship With Kaitlynn Carter?

It looks like things are definitely heating up between Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter.

The singer and her rumored girlfriend have been spotted on multiple occasions together since their Italian vacation and sources have reported that the pair is “very happy.”

Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter
Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter | Photo via Instagram

While Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter have made it clear that they could care less about what people have to say about their relationship, many of us can’t help but wonder if the Cyrus family is supportive of their romance?

Kaitlynn Carter has known the Cyrus family for a while

There is no question that Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter have become extremely close these past few weeks.

Ever since it was revealed that both of their marriages had come to an end, Cyrus and Carter have been spending ample amounts of time together and have developed quite the romance.

Since their relationship is looking pretty solid, many want to know what the Cyrus family thinks of the singer’s new relationship?

According to HollywoodLife, the Cyrus family is actually a big fan of Kaitlynn Carter.

With Carter already having met the singer’s family through Brandi Cyrus, who she was friends with prior to establishing a relationship with Miley, the reality star has made quite the impression on the famous family.

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Since Cyrus and Carter’s relationship developed during a pretty tough time in their lives, the Cyrus family appreciates that The Hills: New Beginnings star was there for the singer following her breakup with Liam Hemsworth.

“Kaitlynn has been in Miley’s world for a while, she’s friends with Miley’s mom, Tish Cyrus, and sister, [Brandi Cyrus] too, so she isn’t someone they are just meeting for the first time, they already know and like her,” an insider shared with HollywoodLife.

“They’re happy she’s there for Miley to lean on right now, it’s a very sad time so she’s been a big help,” the source continued. “As much as they all love Liam, their main concern is Miley’s happiness so whatever she chooses they fully support.”

Miley Cyrus’ family loves that Kaitlynn Carter makes her happy

While Miley Cyrus’ family loved Liam Hemsworth and thought that their relationship would last longer than it did, they have also come to love Kaitlynn Carter.

The family can see that Carter makes the singer very happy and that’s all that really matters to them.

So far, Kaitlynn Carter has been spending a ton of time with Cyrus and her family.

Aside from spending their Italian getaway with Brandi Cyrus and a few friends, the pair has even been spotted hanging out with Cyrus’ mother, Tish on numerous occasions.

Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter spending time with Tish Cyrus
Tish Cyrus, Kaitlynn Carter and Miley Cyrus | Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images

HollywoodLife reports that Tish Cyrus definitely approves of Kaitlynn Carter and appreciates how happy she has been making her daughter.

“Tish respects Kaitlynn because she knows she is going to be there for Miley. Miley is hurting because divorce and breakups especially one this drastic takes quite the toll,” the insider explained. “So if Kaitlynn is around and is just a friend moving forward that is great and if it remains something even more as long as Miley is happy is all that Tish cares about. Tish is going to monitor it at all times because she wants what is best for Miley but she knows Kaitlynn is on the up and up and only expects the best moving forward.”

There is no word on what Billy Ray Cyrus thinks of his daughter’s new relationship, but we can easily guess he feels the same way as his wife.

From the looks of things, Kaitlynn Carter is definitely making Miley Cyrus happy and many of us, including her family, see a bright future for these two!