Does Prince Charles Have a Favorite Daughter in Law?

Although Prince Charles only raised two sons throughout his lifetime, in the past several years, he has gained two daughters-in-law. Since the public has always been fascinated with relationships between royals, it’s not surprising that many people are also wondering whether Prince Charles might prefer one duchess over the other.

So does Prince Charles like Meghan Markle better or does he seem to be closer to Kate Middleton? Let’s find out.

Prince Charles has a special bond with Meghan Markle

Ever since Prince Harry introduced Meghan Markle to the rest of the royal family, it’s become increasingly clear that Prince Charles gets along quite well with the former American actress.

Even when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were only boyfriend and girlfriend, Prince Charles had stood up for Meghan against negative people. When a close friend of him went to the media and called Meghan “frightfully common” and that her father was “a huge lump,” Prince Charles was not having it and tried to distance himself from the rude person.

Later on, Prince Charles was actually seen walking Meghan Markle down the aisle on her wedding day because her father could not make it.

It’s not too surprising that Prince Charles has been super supportive of Meghan Markle. He’s been impressed with her work ethic and a palace insider has shared that Prince Charles thinks of Meghan like “the daughter he never had.”

Prince Charles has a ‘complicated’ relationship with Kate Middleton

On the other hand, Prince Charles’ relationship with Kate Middleton, the wife of his oldest child, has not been all rainbows and sunshine.

Back when Prince William and Kate Middleton were only dating, Prince Charles reportedly told his son to break up with Kate, though the reason for this is not actually as bad as it may seem.

William was 25 years old at the time and was not sure if he was ready for marriage yet, so his dad advised him to end the relationship. Charles said something along the line of: “It would be unfair to the young lady. You cannot string her along anymore, so you should just break it off.”

But even when William and Kate got married, Prince Charles and his daughter-in-law clashed with each other a few times. Most notably, Prince Charles was not happy with the couple’s first overseas trip together. William and Kate went to North America to represent the queen, though Charles reportedly did not like that the two of them treated it like their own personal trip instead of a diplomatic mission.

Some royal followers have said that the reason why Prince Charles and Kate Middleton cannot be as close is because of Prince William’s rocky relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, which has put a strain on William’s own relationship with his father, and all of that affects how Kate fits into the family.

Does Prince Charles have a favorite daughter-in-law?

Of course, it’s quite clear that Prince Charles has come to enjoy Meghan Markle’s presence a bit more than he has with Kate Middleton, though no one knows for sure whether he wants to pick favorites. After all, it could be possible that Prince Charles and Kate Middleton just have different personalities that don’t quite complement each other, and it’s not something either of them can control.

At the end of the day, we think Prince Charles might not want the public to care that much about his opinions on his daughters-in-law. His sons have both married for love and avoided the mistakes he himself made when he was younger, which is something he has supported since the very beginning and is perhaps very happy about.