Does Prince Charles Have To Be More Like Princess Diana to Be a Good King?

The longest-reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, is now 93 years old. It won’t be too much longer until we have a change in power.

Prince Charles is the next in line for the crown, but some question whether he’s fit to rule. Unlike his late ex-wife, Princess Diana, Prince Charles hasn’t connected with the British people.

His reputation among the citizens could use some work. Perhaps, if Prince Charles wants to be a good king, he could learn from the late Princess Diana’s example

Prince Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana

Prince Charles and Princess Diana married
Prince Charles and Princess Diana on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding | Express Newspapers/Getty Images

As a young man, Prince Charles was pressured by his father, Prince Philip to marry a suitable woman, and Princess Diana fit that role perfectly. According to a royal biographer, Robert Jobson, Prince Charles knew shortly after meeting Princess Diana that they were incompatible.

However, the woman Prince Charles was already in love with, Camilla Parker Bowles, was deemed unfit for royal life. And, she had married another man.

Prince Charles seemed to believe that without Parker Bowles he could never be happy, so he might as well fulfill his duty by marrying Princess Diana. Unsurprisingly, the marriage was a disaster.

By 1995, the relationship had caused so many PR problems, with their constant arguments and affairs. The Queen ultimately ordered them to get a divorce. 

The people’s love for Princess Diana

Although Prince Charles never fully embraced Princess Diana, the British public did. Princess Diana spent much of her time in the royal family helping charities. She seemed to really care about those that society had forgotten and the public loved her for it. 

Princess Diana fought the stigma of AIDS by holding hands with HIV positive patients on camera. During a time when few people understood the disease, and many were fearful of touching those who were afflicted, Princess Diana showed the world that AIDS patients were people who needed love just like anyone else.

“She brought passion to the cause and did things which were truly remarkable,” said Ian Green, chief executive of sexual health and HIV charity, the Terrence Higgins Trust. “She was the first person of profile who was prepared to shake hands and touch people with HIV, which at the time was seen as a risk. This statement publicly challenged the notion that HIV was passed from person to person by touch.”

Another area project Princess Diana was passionate about was the banning of landmines. During the nineties, she brought attention to the people who had suffered because of landmines in their country. She walked through dangerous fields and sat with amputees who had been injured from the weapons. It’s because of Princess Diana that the world began to understand the human toll that landmines cause. 

Prince Charles could learn from Princess Diana

While it’s easy to think of ways that Princess Diana helped people, Prince Charles doesn’t have that same caring reputation. In addition, some people still hold him responsible for breaking Princess Diana’s heart with a sham marriage.

Because of all that, Prince Charles doesn’t have the love of the British people in the same way that Princess Diana did. If he’s going to be king, that will need to change. 

Prince Charles could start by examining the way Princess Diana interacted with the public. She had an easy way of embracing everyone, even those who society traditionally ignores.

The prince could do more charity work. There are lots of causes that need a champion, and any one of them could help Prince Charles be more like Princess Diana in the way he treats the public. Prince Charles will need to consider how he can convey his love for the people before they can decide to love him back. 

Prince Charles has a lot of work to do before he takes over the throne. Of course, he’s already in his 70s. It’s possible that his mother could outlive him, and if that happens, the next king would be Prince William