Does Prince Harry Want to Be King?

Prince Harry is the beloved grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, who also is in the unique position of being surrounded by future kings. His father, Prince Charles, is next in line and his brother, Prince William, is second in line. Charles and William aside, even Harry’s nephew, the adorable Prince George, is in the direct line of succession and will someday have the honor of being the ruling monarch.

Growing up, William and Harry were even affectionately known as an “heir and a spare.” At one point, Harry was right behind his older brother in line for the throne, but the birth of Kate Middleton and William’s children have pushed him farther back. Being king sounds like quite an enviable life, yet chances are slim this will ever happen for Harry. That leaves many people wondering something very important: Does Harry secretly want to be king?

Prince Harry still lives a life in the spotlight

Although it is not likely that Harry will ever become named king, that doesn’t mean that he does not have the same perks. With fans all over the world, Harry is definitely one of the most admired members of the royal family. Since marrying Meghan Markle, he is even more closely watched, as everyone is anxious for the arrival of the new baby and eager to see Harry enter this new phase of his life. In fact, it is difficult for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to go anywhere without being followed by a flurry of photographers.

Prince Harry gets to bend the rules a little

As a future king, Prince William almost never gets to break royal protocol. This is why we just about never see him holding Kate’s hand, and he must follow the rules at all times. Harry, by contrast, gets to put his arm around his wife whenever he chooses to and has even been known in the past to enjoy a good party or two. Although he is still considered to be a senior member of the royal family, carrying out duties on behalf of the queen, Harry definitely has an easier life than William.

Even Kate Middleton is scrutinized more

Kate Middleton is married to the future king, and this causes her to be scrutinized a bit more than other women in the royal family. She must be careful never to stray from royal protocol or break tradition, unlike Meghan, who recently shocked the world by announcing her unique birth plan. Meghan doesn’t seem to have to be as formal as Kate does at all times, considering that Kate will someday be a queen consort.

Does Prince Harry want to be king?

Royal fans were quite surprised a few years ago when he said that he actually does not have a desire to take the throne. He understands that when a family member is in the direct line of succession, they carry out their royal duties for the people of England. However, it is not a position that Harry himself wants to hold. While there has been some speculation in the past year over what kind of a king Harry would make, and what it is like living life in the public eye, it seems that the Duke is extremely grateful that he is not set to be the ruling monarch of the country.

Prince Harry gets to live a quieter life

Now that Harry is happily married to Meghan, he can enjoy a quieter life with his new wife and upcoming baby. Royal life will always mean being in the media spotlight to some extent, but Harry and Meghan’s life will always be a little more simple since he is unlikely to be named king. As it turns out, this is just the way Harry has always wanted it to be.