Does Prince William Get More Freedom to Talk Politics Than Other Royals?

Being a royal means following a long list of rules and protocol. The British royal family likes to portray themselves to the public in a certain way, and Queen Elizabeth is pretty strict in what she will and will not allow. Many royal fans are aware of the rules that dictate the way royals — women, in particular — should dress. There are also rules that dictate plenty of other behaviors, too, such as the fact that at dinner parties, when the queen is done eating, everyone must stop eating. The list of rules and royal protocol is long and detailed, and there is no doubt that it may become overwhelming at times.

One of the strictest rules for royals is that they are not allowed to have political views or even talk about politics. Opinions must be kept to themselves, and they certainly can’t make any public statements about political issues. Prince William, however, has broken this strict rule on more than one occasion, seemingly without any repercussions from his grandmother, the queen. So, as a future king, does Prince William get more freedom to talk politics than other members of the family?

Why members of the royal family are not permitted to talk about politics

Most people have spoken about their political views at one time or another, so why must the royals refrain from doing this? The answer is quite simple. It is considered to be “unconstitutional.” As such, they must remain neutral regarding political issues and are certainly not allowed to vote. For hundreds of years, monarchs have been said to be representing the country as a whole, which means that openly speaking about political issues or publicly supporting one side of a political disagreement is definitely off-limits.

Prince William spoke about Brexit

There are certain members of the royal family who are notorious for bending the rules, and it looks as if Prince William might now be one of them. On a recent trip with his wife to Cumbria, the future king seemed to defy royal protocol by bringing up the subject of Brexit when he asked farmers if they were concerned about the issue. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were apparently told that a no-deal Brexit could be a “perfect storm,” and many farmers may be forced out of business. Naturally, Prince William wants to know more about how the public feels. While it looks like William bent the rule of not discussing politics, he did not break it since he didn’t offer his own opinions.

Prince William’s not-so-subtle reference in a speech

The conversation in Cumbria wasn’t the first time that William has mentioned Brexit. In a speech that he gave a few months ago, the Duke of Cambridge expressed his hopes that people will “come together” during difficult times. The speech was delivered about four weeks before Brexit, and his words are definitely in keeping with his generous, compassionate personality that he is known for.

Does Prince William get more freedom to talk about politics than other royals?

Prince William’s recent actions may leave people wondering if he gets more freedom to talk about politics than the other royals do. Since he is a future king, it would appear that William may get a little more freedom than his family members do. After all, consider the fact that his father, Prince Charles, who is also a future king has always been a major supporter of sustainability and has spoken out about climate change repeatedly — something that might not sit well with climate change skeptics.

Chances are, however, that Prince William has to choose his words carefully and he certainly can’t get in heated discussions regarding any political issues. The royals are quite an interesting bunch of people. It is no surprise that everything they say and do fascinates members of the public, and it is nice to see that their new modern ways give Prince William a little more leniency when it comes to discussing politics.