Does Princess Charlotte Have A Nickname?

Princess Charlotte might only be a toddler, but she is already one of the most iconic members of the British Royal family. The middle child and the only girl of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton is outgoing, fun-loving and a bit of a thrill seeker. Though she is younger than her big brother, Prince George, who is also the future King of England, Princess Charlotte loves bossing her brother around.

Rambunctious and carefree, the tiny princess also adores sports including, swimming, riding her tricycle, and her favorite pastimes, tennis and soccer.  A source explained to People, “She’s very sweet and very confident — she’s always chatting away.” Though we’ll always know the pint-sized royal as Princess Charlotte, we wondered if she had a nickname.

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte and Kate Middleton | Jane Barlow – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Princess Charlotte’s nickname is super cute

Recently, Duchess Kate Middleton’s nickname for her daughter was revealed to the public. The duchess along with her eldest children was spotted in Norfolk doing some last minute holiday shopping. An onlooker just happened to be shopping as well and looked up to spot the royal trio. Sarah Daniels told Daily Mail, “As I was looking at the shelves I noticed a tall dark-haired lady further down the aisle and thought to myself, “I recognize that face.”

At one point Princess Charlotte, presumably wary of shopping sat down on the floor. The duchess spotted her only daughter and said, “get up poppet.”

Prince William also calls Duchess Kate Middleton poppet

Princess Charlotte shares her adorable nickname with her mom. When Prince George was born in July 2013, the future King of England and his wife posed for the traditional post-birth photo on the steps of St. Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing. As they posed for photographers, the prince called his wife, poppet. The duchess calls her hubby, “babe.”

This is what Prince George and Prince Charlotte call Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

Though they seem like a pretty formal family, the royals do have plenty of nicknames for one another. Prince George and Princess Charlotte call their great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, Gan-Gan. It was a name that Goerge came up with when he was very small and could barely talk. In a documentary on the Queen’s 90th birthday, The Duchess of Cambridge explained, “George is only two-and-a-half, and he calls her Gan-Gan. She always leaves a little gift or something in their room when we go and stay and that just shows her love for the family.”

The tiny royals also have a pretty iconic name for their grandfather, Prince Charles. According to the Daily Mail, Prince George and Princess Charlotte call their grandpa “Grandpa Wales” –which is pretty fitting because he is, the Prince of Wales.  They also have the cutest name for their step-grandmother, Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles. They refer to her as GaGa.

We’re excited to know what Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle will call their tiny bundle of joy.

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