Does Princess Charlotte Know She’s a Princess? How Prince William and Kate Middleton Teach Her About Royalty

Being born into the royal family is both a gift and a burden. Just ask Prince Harry, who was once quoted saying no one wants to be king. That said, the family knows how privileged they are to represent their people and they are an essential part of the United Kingdom. But, do young princes and princesses know they are royal? And, does Princess Charlotte know she’s a princess? We share how Prince William and Kate Middleton teach their children about their role and how to be royal, ahead.

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte  | Kensington Royal via Instagram

Her outfits fit the royal family style rules

Many royal family fans want to know why Princess Charlotte never wears pants. And while pants are not against the royal family dress code, they are in line with the style rules as a whole. When accompanying her mom and dad on official royal business, Charlotte — and her siblings — must dress in a smart manner. While there is no word on why Prince William and Kate Middleton prefer to put her in dresses, some believe it has to do with her upper-class upbringing.

As Princess Charlotte gets older, she is expected to follow the royal family style rules. That means her hair must always be neat with a more natural-looking color, she must wear pantyhose to formal events, and she can’t wear ripped jeans or anything that would tamper with the sophistication she represents. She will also have to wear monarch-approved nail polish and can’t experiment with her makeup as much as the average teenager.

She curtsies to officials

Curtsying the Queen of England is a big deal in the royal family. And, despite her young age, Princess Charlotte has learned to do so. The young princess was once spotted curtsying to Krzysztof Szczerski, a senior member of the Polish government.

Although curtsying to government officials is an important lesson in royal manners, the young princess is not expected to curtsy to the queen just yet. According to royal experts, Princess Charlotte will start curtsying to her great-grandmother at around five-years-old.

Learning to curtsy to the monarch is an important — and necessary — skill in the royal family. If the queen dies, Princess Charlotte will curtsy to her grandfather, Prince Charles and eventually her father, Prince William, once he is crowned king.

She waves to the public

The public is a big part of the royal family and Princess Charlotte knows it. On several occasions, the young princess has waved to the public — and paparazzi — just like her mom and dad. With those outgoing skills, there’s no doubt she will do great at official engagements and events one day.

Order of precedence

Princess Charlotte might be young, but she already knows her place in the royal family — with the help of her parents, at least. Just like her grandparents, parents, and uncle and aunt, Princess Charlotte has a place in line when walking or sitting with family members. According to royal family rules, all members of royalty must sit (and walk) in order of precedence. The queen and Prince Philip always lead the family, followed by Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, then Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle.

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