Does Princess Charlotte Like School?

Princess Charlotte will be four years old in May, and she’s been enrolled in nursery school since she was two. By now, she’s had a bit of time to adjust to week days in a classroom and meeting new people. But not all young children take well to school at first, since it can be scary to be away from home. How does Charlotte feel about it?

Princess Charlotte
Princess Charlotte | Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

Kate Middleton posted adorable photos on Charlotte’s first day back in January 2018

Kate Middleton may have a lot of responsibilities as a royal, but she’s a mother before anything else. And as any parent would, Kate snapped some adorable photos of Charlotte just before she left for her first official day of school — and the public went crazy. Not only was Charlotte a natural in front of the camera, but people couldn’t believe that the little royal was already starting school. The palace announced in December 2017 that Charlotte would be starting school the following month.

Charlotte did not enroll in the same school as her brother

To everyone’s surprise, Charlotte did not start school at the same pre-school her brother had attended. George had attended Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk, but Prince William and Kate decided to send charlotte to Willcocks Nursery School instead. When the royal couple had enrolled George, they were living closer to his preschool in Norfolk. However, the family has since moved back to Kensington Palace in London, and now, Charlotte’s preschool is very close. Her preschool is a lot more expensive than George’s was, costing a reported $19,000 annually — but nothing is too expensive for the royals.

Charlotte has a lot of personality, so it’s likely she’s made plenty of friends at school

“Shy” is one thing Charlotte definitely is not. The little princess always takes well to seeing loads of people obsess over her — most kids would become scared at the crowds, but Charlotte just smiles and waves, just like she did when she and George walked with William to go meet their little brother for the first time. She loves to run around and play outside, so she’s definitely a child with a lot of energy too; it seems she wouldn’t have any trouble making friends at school. She also isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty — the royal children reportedly love searching for bugs.

The queen said Charlotte loves to watch out for her big brother — she probably isn’t afraid without her mom there   

Queen Elizabeth once revealed that George and Charlotte are opposite when it comes to who looks after whom. Rather than George, the big brother, being protective of his little sister, the queen said it’s actually the other way around. Charlotte seems to have an empowering personality and loves watching out for her brother; she doesn’t feel like she needs to be protected. So when her mother wasn’t with her during her first few days of preschool, it likely didn’t bother her much. And anyone can imagine that Willcocks is taking great care of the princess while she’s a student, so Charlotte likely looks forward to attending each day.

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