Does Princess Eugenie Curtsy to the Queen? Royal Family Etiquette Rules She Must Follow

A lot goes into being a member of the royal family. Not only do they attend thousands of official engagements and act as patrons for some of the United Kingdom’s most prominent charities, but they also must comply with a host of outdated family rules. While some of the older generations might not bat an eye at such traditions, some of the younger royal family members have a little more lax attitude towards them and even break the rules from time-to-time. That said, there are certain etiquette rules even part-time members of royalty never break.

Princess Eugenie attends a lunch after the National Service of Thanksgiving as part of the 90th birthday celebrations for The Queen at The Guildhall on June 10, 2016 in London, England.

The princess must abide by certain royal family etiquette rules. | Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Although she’s not quite as involved in the family business as say, her cousins Prince William and Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie must still abide by royal family etiquette rules — especially when it comes to curtsying. Wondering if Princess Eugenie curtsies to the queen? We share the inside scoop, plus other royal family etiquette rules she must follow, below.

Does Princess Eugenie curtsy to the queen?

According to the royal family etiquette rules, Princess Eugenie and all other members of royalty — including heirs — must curtsy or bow to the queen. As England’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II receives the highest levels of respect from her fellow family members, as well as her husband, upon greeting. No one knows for sure if the family curtsies and bows in private settings. However, they must follow the etiquette rule in public and official settings such as state dinners and other royal family events.

In addition to curtsying to the queen, the princess must also curtsy to her Uncle Charles and cousins, Prince William and Prince Harry. Also, she must also curtsy to her Aunt Anne, as she is Princess Royal. That said, Princess Eugenie does not need to curtsy to Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, or Camilla Parker Bowles when their husbands aren’t present. Since Eugenie is considered a blood princess, the duchesses must curtsy to her when attending an event solo. The only time Kate, Meghan, and Camilla receive curtsies from Eugenie (as well as her sister, Beatrice) is if they are accompanying their husbands. Since Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry are all of higher ranking, their wives receive the same level of respect when they are together.

Curious to know other royal family etiquette rules Princess Eugenie and other members of royalty must follow? Keep reading!

Royals drive the conversation

When mingling with guests at a dinner party, it is on the royal to guide the conversation. That is especially true in discussions with the queen.

No touching members of royalty

Aside from a handshake, commoners are not allowed to touch royals. That includes placing an arm around them for a photo opp and going in for a hug.

That said, not all family members are strict. We’re sure Princess Eugenie would understand if a fan went in for a hug.


Just being you are a princess doesn’t mean you get to rock a tiara. Married women and brides are the only ones permitted.

With that said, Princess Eugenie can’t wear one of her grandmother’s Crown Jewels until her wedding day.

Sit in order of succession

Whether they’re attending a ceremony or an official engagement together, members of the royal family usually enter the room and sit in order of succession. The queen and Prince Philip are always first, followed by Prince Charles and Camilla and the rest of the family. If not all members are in attendance, the family still abides by the rule.

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