Does Princess Eugenie Feel Betrayed by Queen Elizabeth II?

There are plenty of royal family members competing for the spotlight at all times. Most recently, the arrival of royal baby Archie has won over news stations and tabloids, though past alleged drama with Kate Middleton and Prince William has also come to light. In the background of all the major noise is still news on Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, too — though they don’t often get the spotlight pointed right in their direction.

Most recently, some news has come to light regarding where Princess Eugenie stands with the royal family. And we’re guessing it may put her relationship with Queen Elizabeth II at odds.

Princess Eugenie and Queen Elizabeth II have a very special relationship

Princess Eugenie and Queen Elizabeth II
Princess Eugenie and Queen Elizabeth II | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Not every royal family member is close to Queen Elizabeth II, but it seems Princess Eugenie and her grandmother have quite the special bond. Town & Country Magazine reminds us the queen actually has eight grandchildren, but she may get along with Princess Eugenie the best of them all. And this is particularly evident in the way that Eugenie talks about the queen. While other royals may talk about Queen Elizabeth II more formally, Eugenie has called her “Granny” in public multiple times, which is way more intimate.

We also can’t forget that the queen knew about Eugenie’s engagement even before other royals and cousins William and Harry did, Town & Country notes. “Granny actually knew right at the beginning, she was one of the very few people,” Eugenie said during an interview of her engagement with Jack Brooksbank. And Eugenie and the queen have even spotted having more playful, natural moments with each other that clearly show the princess isn’t afraid to show affection toward her “Granny” in public.

Recent reports note Eugenie was cut off from the royal allowance

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Eugenie
Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Eugenie | Samir Hussein/WireImage

She may be close with the queen, but that doesn’t mean the royal leader is willing to treat Princess Eugenie any differently than the others in the family. Express notes recent reports suggest Princess Eugenie takes no part in receiving money from the Privy Purse. Even though she’s the daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson who were once infamous and beloved for being part of the family, Eugenie will be getting no money handouts from the queen or the royal family going forward.

So, why is Eugenie cut off from the Privy Purse? It’s because this allowance money only goes to working royals. Eugenie will occasionally take part in royal engagements, but she’s not considered to be a working royal, as she doesn’t officially conduct business for the family. Instead, she’s chosen to go her own way and work as the director of a London art gallery.

Will there be hard feelings?

Princess Eugenie of York and Queen Elizabeth II
Princess Eugenie of York and Queen Elizabeth II | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

So, is Eugenie likely to get upset over the fact that she won’t be getting handouts from the royal family? We doubt it. Even back in 2011, Daily Mail reported Eugenie and sister Beatrice had their 24-hour police protection taken from them, and they didn’t hold any hard feelings against the other family members for it. Not only that, but the princesses also have stated they want others to look at them as “very real,” and their lack of an allowance should help with that.

During an interview with Vogue, Eugenie and Beatrice discussed their lives and how normal they really were. “We want to show people who we are as working, young, royal women, but also not to be afraid of putting ourselves out there,” Eugenie said. Unfortunately, it should also be noted that many still criticize Eugenie and Beatrice for living a privileged lifestyle even if they don’t receive money from the queen. Russel Myers, the royal editor for the Daily Mirror, commented after their Vogue interview, “I just think, this just smacks of delusions of grandeur. If they want to be taken seriously talking about their charity work, which they do do, they’ve got to bring themselves back down to earth.”

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