Does Queen Elizabeth Feel More Relaxed With Kate Middleton Than Meghan Markle?

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are two of the most famous women in the entire world so it is safe to say that they are also some of the luckiest. Both are married to handsome princes, get to take extravagant vacations, be driven around in fancy cars, and have access to the royal jewelry box — among other amazing perks.

One of the most important parts of both Middleton and Markle’s lives is their interaction with Queen Elizabeth. There is a very specific way that everyone, especially senior members of the royal family, must act in the presence of the queen. This includes remembering to curtsy when they see her, never turn their backs, and always walk a few steps behind the queen. 

Queen Elizabeth
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It has been said that Queen Elizabeth has a great relationship with both Markle and Middleton. They seem to interact very well together, and over the years, there have been photographs of her majesty looking happy at appearances alongside both of her granddaughters-in-law.

However, there are new reports that say that the queen may feel more comfortable with one duchess, Middleton, over the other, Markle. Does Queen Elizabeth actually feel more relaxed with the Duchess of Cambridge than the Duchess of Sussex?

Meghan Markle has attracted her fair share of unwanted attention

The royals are notorious for keeping up the perfect appearance. They put on a positive front in front of the news media and the public, and although they likely have their disagreements just like any family, they keep it behind closed doors.

Markle, in the short time that she has been part of the family, has attracted her fair share of negative attention, something that is frowned upon by the queen. According to Glamour, she is notorious for breaking royal protocol, such as coming under criticism for her lavish New York City baby shower. In addition, everyone knows the details of Markle’s family drama, and she and Prince Harry have been in the news recently due to their use of private jets, for which many have called them hypocritical.

Kate Middleton stays away from drama

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Middleton has been a duchess for a significantly longer time than Markle, meaning she has had much more time to be in the royal spotlight. Despite that, she has managed to stay away from drama with the media as much as possible during her time as a royal.

She has an excellent relationship with the royal family and with her own family as well. Although Prince William and Middleton were recently plagued by cheating rumors, according to The Cut, those rumors were never proven to be true. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge never actually addressed the rumors either, further proving that they go out of their way to avoid any public drama.

Does Queen Elizabeth feel more relaxed with Kate Middleton than she does with Meghan Markle?

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So, is the queen more comfortable in the presence of Middleton than she is when she spends time with Markle? According to body language, she is.

Express reports that Middleton never tries to outshine her majesty, making her feel “pride and pleasure” toward the Duchess of Cambridge. Whenever the queen and Middleton are photographed together, they always seem to be perfectly at ease with each other. The Duchess of Cambridge also uses active listening and pays close attention to royal etiquette.

This is not to say that Queen Elizabeth does not have a good relationship with Markle. The two of them get along just fine and have spent some meaningful time together since the Duchess of Sussex has joined the family. Chances are, the queen adores both of her granddaughters-in-law, but just feels a bit more comfortable and relaxed when she is around Middleton since she’s known her longer.