Does Queen Elizabeth Give Kate Middleton Fashion Advice?

Back when Kate Middleton and Prince William were just dating, people were commenting on her exceptional sense of style. Now that she is the Duchess of Cambridge and will one day be the queen consort, people are paying even more attention to her clothing options

While members of the royal family are expected to act a certain way (this includes dressing appropriately) does Kate Middleton have more pressure put upon her than Meghan Markle does to dress a certain way?

We know Queen Elizabeth II has already been preparing Kate for her future role as queen. But does that mean she is also giving Kate advice about what she wears out in public? Here is what we know about what Queen Elizabeth II thinks about Kate Middleton’s attire

Being the future queen means that Kate’s fashion sense is under more scrutiny

Kate Middleton
The Duchess of Cambridge | Victoria Jones/PA Wire

There is no denying the fact that since Kate has become the Duchess of Cambridge, her taste in fashion has gotten much more formal. In fact, it is rumored that William actually started to fall for Kate when he saw her modeling lingerie in a 2002 fashion show.

Back when Prince William had first started dating Kate, she was frequently spotted out in town wearing outfits that were much too casual for any royal to ever be seen in. Before she married her Prince Charming, her wardrobe included a denim mini skirt with a leather jacket and knee-high leather boots and a white-laced tank top with low-rise jeans that showed her belly. 

Obviously, those outfits are no longer allowed on any occasion. Now that she is a full-fledged royal, she has traded her stylish leather boots for equally stylish high heels and her short tank tops have been traded in for neutral-colored petite coats with a matching hat.

Meghan gets a little more freedom with her outfit choice

Just because Kate is required to dress a little more conservatively nowadays doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have a great sense of style. For over a decade now, the Duchess of Cambridge has been revolutionizing the fashion industry. Her posh style and trendy designer dresses have inspired many women around the world to dress more like her.

Meghan Markle is also known to be quite the trendsetter as well. Kate is known for having a certain level of elegance to her style, however, Meghan opts for more unique and bold looks (like the time she wore a nice suit with a pair of shorts). Since Meghan has become a duchess, the former Suits star has upgraded her wardrobe to include more traditional royal attire. When she is making an appearance with the royal family, she is usually wearing a nice dress, a long coat, and some sort of elegant hat.

Meghan is expected to still present herself a certain way now that she is a royal. However, being that there is not a high probability she will ever be queen (Harry is currently sixth in line to the throne), she doesn’t have the same amount of pressure on her to look a certain way as Kate does.

Does Queen Elizabeth give Kate Middleton fashion advice?

According to AOL, now that Kate is in line to be the queen, it is imperative that she looks the part. In order to ensure that Kate is always dressing as a future queen should, “The queen is regularly, allegedly, giving notes if she doesn’t like a certain hem or a certain outfit on Kate, or certain colour tights.”

Being that her grandmother-in-law is able to criticize every aspect of her attire, including the color of her tights, it may come as little surprise that the Duchess has hired a personal stylist to help her pick out her outfits and make sure that she is always looking the part when in public.

Although the queen does have a say in what Kate wears out in public, the Duchess of Cambridge has always been able to carry herself with an exceptional amount of dignity and respect. So, no matter what she chooses to wear, she will always look like a perfect royal in the eyes of millions of people around the world.