Does Queen Elizabeth Give the Best Gifts in the Royal Family?

Gift giving is an important, and often fun, ritual in any family. Whether it be for a birthday, a holiday, or for no reason at all, there is nothing like finding a special item, wrapping it up, and presenting it to another family member. While we may imagine that the royal family only exchanges lavish gifts that are bought at high-end stores and cost thousands of dollars, this actually couldn’t be further from the truth!

As it turns out, the world’s most famous family enjoys having some fun on gift-exchanging occasions. The royals have been known to give each other silly gifts, as well as practical ones that can be used in everyday life. In addition, they also enjoy presenting each other with meaningful gifts, sometimes even things that money just can’t buy. This raises the question – does Queen Elizabeth give the best gifts in the royal family?

Kate Middleton once gave the queen something delicious

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images

When Kate Middleton and Prince William were in the beginning stages of their relationship, she was invited to spend a holiday with the royal family. As such, a young Kate was at a loss at what to bring. After all, it can’t be easy to figure out what gift to give to the queen. Finally, Kate decided to present William’s grandmother with a jar of her homemade chutney, something Queen Elizabeth absolutely loved. The lovely present was much appreciated and it didn’t go unnoticed that it was on the queen’s table the next day.

The royal family loves to make each other laugh

Gift-giving among the members of the royal family doesn’t always have to be so serious. In fact, the royals love to make each other laugh, especially at Christmas time. While they most likely exchange special and meaningful gifts in private, the royal family gets together every Christmas Eve to give each other the funniest gag gifts they can find. One of the best and most memorable was the time that Kate gave a then-single Prince Harry a “grow your own girlfriend” set, which no doubt resulted in howling laughter from everyone.

There are lavish gifts

It isn’t always funny things that are given. Being a member of the royal family has many perks, and receiving lavish gifts is certainly one of them. When William and Kate got married, they were given Anmer Hall, a home on the Sandringham Estate. Equally as wonderful is the gift that was recently given to Meghan and Harry. When they moved into Frogmore Cottage, the queen allowed them to choose priceless pieces of artwork from her private collection to display in their new home. What wonderful presents from the kind-hearted queen.

The royal family gifts titles

One of the most important gifts that Queen Elizabeth is able to give her family members is the gift of new titles. Over 30 years ago, she gifted her daughter, Anne, with the title of “Princess Royal,” which had not been used since 1642. Prince Philip was gifted with the title of Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order in 2017, and most recently, Kate received a gift of the title Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order upon her wedding anniversary to William.

Does the queen give the best gifts in the royal family?

It would appear that she does! The queen has the power, not to mention the generosity, to give gifts that are extremely meaningful. Receiving these gifts from her majesty is no doubt a wonderful honor for the members of the royal family, and they are certainly truly touched by her gestures. It allows them to be honored in a way that no one else can possibly do, and they are most likely as grateful as can be.