Does Queen Elizabeth II Have an Assistant?

The royal family is one of the most well-known families in the world. And Queen Elizabeth II has some incredible responsibilities. She oversees 15 commonwealths in addition to the United Kingdom, and also is in control of billions of dollars’ worth of property. All in all, she’s a busy woman — but who is her go-to person for all of these day-to-day duties?

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II has several people helping her out. | Alastair Grant /AFP/Getty Images

The queen has several people helping her out on a daily basis

It would be impossible to run every part of the royal family’s responsibilities without several people keeping things going smoothly. The queen has butlers, assistants, private secretaries, and more helping her out with everything that goes on in her life. But some have said that what the royal family pays their employees is less than what it should be. The U.K.’s Express reported in 2018 that several jobs up for grabs in the royal family, including a butler and a telephone operator, offered salaries that were not too high. The butler’s salary equated to only just over $19,000. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the cost of living in the U.K. is less than in the United States.

She’s extremely close with her fashion advisor, Angela Kelly

The queen may have many people on her team, but she is closer to some than others. Her fashion adviser, Angela Kelly, has been her right-hand woman for years and has dressed her for many events. She has brought some of the queen’s most iconic looks, mostly her fun pops of color, to the table and is one of the only people in the queen’s inner circle who is actually allowed to touch Her Majesty. Kelly is a commoner with no royal roots, but over time, she has become one of the queen’s closest confidants. “I love the queen and everything about her,” Kelly once said in an interview.

In 2017, the queen hired her first black assistant

It was a long-overdue hire — in 2017, the queen hired her first back assistant, Major Nana Kofi Twumasi-Ankrah. Twumasi-Ankrah is a Ghanaian-born officer who was hired as an equerry. His job is to oversee official engagements for the queen and handle welcoming the high-profile guests who arrive at the royal residences. The Independent reported that Twumasi-Ankrah moved here in 1982, and he’s worked his way up to being one of the most important members of the queen’s inner circle. Plus, the royal family has been accused of racial discrimination in the past. Elizabeth Burgess, former personal secretary to Prince Charles, claimed she was often discriminated against for being black.

The queen recently replaced her private secretary, who left after 15 years

The queen needs her own private secretary, and she recently had to replace a veteran of the job. In 2017, Sir Christopher Geidt, who had been in the position since 2002, retired after 15 years. Some suspected the exit came because Prince Philip had made it clear that things were headed toward the younger generation. He retired from the public eye in 2017, which sparked a wave of assumption that the younger generation was getting ready to take on all responsibilities. The queen’s new secretary is Edward Young. Despite being 92 years old and very experienced with being the queen, she still has plenty of people helping her out.

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