Does Queen Elizabeth Love Wearing Fur?

Queen Elizabeth II is more than the Head of State; she is also a fashionable woman. She is kind and loyal. The queen has high standards of what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Despite her gracious and charming personality, there is one group of people that the queen has struggled to appease. The queen has worn fur for years despite pressure from animal rights advocates urging her to stop.

PETA and other animal rights advocates have criticized the queen for wearing fur in the past. Rest assured, the queen has changed her stance regarding the use of fur.

Does Queen Elizabeth wear fur?

Queen Elizabeth II arrives at the Empire Theatre for the 2007 Royal Variety Performance.
Queen Elizabeth II | POOL/ Tim Graham Picture Library/Getty Images

Her Majesty frequently wears brightly colored clothing so that she stands out in a crowd. During especially cold weather, the queen is often spotted wearing fur coats and other warm garments made of fur.

Claire Bass, the Executive Director for the animal charity organization, Humane Society International/UK, released a statement regarding the monarch’s decision to forego animal fur. The statement read: “We are thrilled that Her Majesty has officially gone fur-free.”

Bass acknowledged that the queen’s latest fashion decision reflects the growing trend in Britain to end the fur industry. The queen has worn fur coats, hats, and ceremonial robes during cold weather and special occasions historically.

She is not the only royal member who has proudly adorned fur. The British royal family sometimes disagrees on what is acceptable attire; the queen has expressed disapproval in the shoewear choices of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

The queen stopped wearing fur

The queen’s dressmaker, Angela Kelly, revealed in her memoir that Her Majesty has discontinued wearing fur. She wrote: “If Her Majesty is due to attend an engagement in particularly cold weather, from 2019 onwards fake fur will be used to make sure she stays warm.”

Kelly’s memoirThe Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser and the Wardrobe — provides readers with an inside look into the relationship Kelly has with the queen, including details regarding the queen’s wardrobe and fashion choices. Kelly is the queen’s senior dresser and published the memoir with Her Majesty’s approval.

Kelly has a close relationship with the queen and has the queen’s permission to give a rare insider’s glimpse into the thought process behind the queen’s wardrobe choices. Kelly has worked for the queen for many years and has a well-established friendship with Her Majesty.

Her Majesty’s decision to not wear new fur

There has been a clear shift in the attitude concerning the use of fur in fashion. While fur once signified wealth and prominence, nowadays, wearing fur has a negative connotation. The general public is transitioning away from the use of fur and turning towards humane alternatives.

Though the queen has vowed against wearing new fur, she has acquired an extensive collection of stylish garments of fur throughout the years. She may continue to wear the clothing and other garb made of fur that she already owns. However, her new clothing and fashion accessories will no longer be made with real fur.

Any new pieces of clothing requiring fur will feature faux fur instead. The queen is 93 years old and she is the longest-reigning British monarch. During her reign as queen, many fashion trends have come and gone. It is great to see that the queen has decided to put fur-based fashion in the past.

Queen Elizabeth’s decision to no longer have new clothes made of real fur makes a powerful statement against animal cruelty and sets the standard that fur is no longer fashionable. It might seem to be a little late in life to decide not to wear fur, however, the queen’s change in wardrobe reflects the changing times.