Does Queen Elizabeth Really Care What Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Wear?

The women of the royal family are in the spotlight on a daily basis and are subject to an incredible amount of scrutiny. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, in particular, have to deal with a lot of tabloid headlines regarding their fashion choices. Many reporters try to pit the royal women against each other, and most shockingly, by dragging the queen into the conversation, as well.

A recurring theme in online articles is the idea that Queen Elizabeth doesn’t like the clothes that Markle and Middleton choose to wear. Is there any merit to these claims?

What is Kate Middleton’s style?

Ever since the public first became aware of Kate in the early 2000s, people all over the world have been obsessed with her unique style. Kate has been seen in everything from stylish skinny jeans to the most glamorous gowns. Ever since her relationship with Prince William became public knowledge, when they were both-fresh-faced students, her outfits have only gotten more impressive.

Although she had her daring fashion moments a number of years ago, including strappy dresses and tie-dye dresses, these days Kate dresses very appropriately for her status as the future queen consort. She tends to favor pastel colors (similar to Queen Elizabeth, with whom she’s been spending a great deal of time) and simple, flattering designs. She usually wears dresses, cut to a modest length at the knee or below, but will occasionally dress down in jeans or trousers. Style blogs love Kate and devote a great deal of time to cataloging her outfits, and where royal fans can find similar versions of her clothes.

What is Meghan Markle’s style?

Meghan Markle hails from Hollywood and joined the royal family with a very good sense of public image and how to create the persona that she wants to express through fashion and design. Although she leaned toward a casual, California style prior to her marriage to Prince Harry, fans saw Meghan’s wardrobe evolve after she officially became the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan started stepping out in more glamorous clothing that befitted her station, and even when heavily pregnant, she is rarely seen in anything other than the highest-quality designer fashion. While it is widely reported that Meghan is a fashion “rule-breaker,” with no respect for the established boundaries of royal fashion, the truth is actually not as sensational.

Royal fashion isn’t based on a strict rule book and is, in fact, a very general guideline that encourages modesty, simplicity, and class. There are no confirmed royal fashion rules at all — just semi-traditional practices and customs, such as wearing bright colors in crowds in order to stand out.

Is the queen angry about Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s clothing choices?

The news industry loves creating drama where none might truly exist, and this definitely seems to be the case when stories emerge about royal fashion. A recent story claimed that the queen was unhappy with some of Kate’s clothing choices, including wearing skirts that were too short and colored tights. Of course, Meghan’s fashion choices are often in the news, with her recent decision to wear dark nail polish (royals often wear neutral or nude nail polishes, but there is no set rule against darker polish) causing quite the stir online. 

The palace has not released any statement regarding the queen’s feelings on the clothes that Meghan and Kate wear, and they aren’t likely to do so. In all likelihood, the queen has much more important matters to concern herself with and doesn’t spend much (if any) time thinking about the outfit choices that her grandson’s wives make. Furthermore, Kate and Meghan always look chic and fabulous and perfectly represent the royal family wherever they go.