Does Queen Elizabeth Really Need to Give Meghan Markle Advice on Her Birthday?

Meghan Markle’s difficult year just keeps getting worse, as the Duchess of Sussex has continued to deal with the fallout surrounding her Wimbledon disaster, and a very public bout of mom-shaming.

While Markle has given a few hints that all the stress of the spotlight could be getting to her, to this point, it has been business as usual for the royal family. Still, a recent report has given some indication that even Queen Elizabeth could be growing concerned with Markle’s publicity woes, and could be taking a very special moment in the family to advise Markle.

Read on to learn more about Markle’s problems with the press and whether or not Queen Elizabeth could be stepping in very soon.

Meghan Markle has been the subject of many controversies this year

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II | Jane Barlow – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Even though she became a mother when she gave birth to son Archie Harrison on May 6th, Markle’s war with the press hasn’t slowed down. She received harsh criticism from people all over the world when she failed to meet President Trump during his June visit to England, even though she was still on maternity leave.

Her appearance during Trooping the Colour, a celebration especially for the queen, drew an unexpected round of body-shaming. Finally, the controversy reached a fever pitch when she showed up at Wimbledon in early July to show support for her longtime friend, Serena Williams.

According to bystanders at the public event, Markle’s security team vetoed photo requests, telling fans that she was there in a private capacity and thus requested that pictures not be taken. Immediately, a media firestorm erupted, with critics claiming that since the public in part finances Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s lifestyle, they should not have any issues with photos being taken, especially when attending a crowded public event. 

The royal family could be getting concerned

Although criticism of the royal family is nothing new, it certainly seems as though it has reached new heights with the Meghan Markle controversies.

Amidst reports that Prince Harry is amping up the protection surrounding his wife, it has also been suggested that he is advising Markle to tread carefully. After all, the royal family is steeped in tradition, and any change, even if it is positive, can be met with harsh criticism. 

If one royal source is to be believed, Markle will also be receiving some sage advice from the head of the royal family herself. 

Will Queen Elizabeth personally advise Meghan Markle?

On July 26th, British publication The Sun reported that Queen Elizabeth is so concerned about the way that the press is treating her granddaughter-in-law that she is going to take her aside very soon and offer some words of wisdom as far as Markle’s public relations team.

In fact, the report claims that the queen will be talking to Markle during Markle’s August 4th birthday celebration at Balmoral Castle, Queen Elizabeth’s favorite residence and one that has traditionally been reserved for the closest family and friends.

The source that The Sun quotes states that while everyone in the royal family, including Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles, are impressed with and very fond of Markle, some of her actions, and those of her PR team, including writing inspirational quotes on bananas and gifting them to sex workers, could be easily misconstrued by those who don’t know her so well.

Still, it seems unlikely that the queen will directly offer Markle such advice. After all, the birthday celebration is a very special and intimate honor and not one that the queen will try to spoil by referring to public relations disasters. The royal family could very well be looking at the birthday party as a way to forget the troubles of the past few months and to get a fresh new start.