Does Queen Elizabeth Trust Meghan Markle?

Queen Elizabeth is the head honcho of the royal family; not only is she the queen, but she’s also the woman everyone looks up to among the royals. And when someone new enters the family, it’s very important that the queen likes them — and trusts them. Ever since Meghan Markle married into the royal family, the public has had a hard time trusting her sincerity. But what does the queen think?

Meghan Markle Queen Elizabeth
Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth | Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Meghan and the queen reportedly bonded over their love for dogs

When Meghan first met the queen, she knew she had to make the right impression — and it seems she did. Meghan reportedly bonded with the queen over their combined love for dogs. The queen has always been obsessed with her corgis, and Meghan knew how to win her over. The two women also discussed their likes and dislikes in terms of food, and it seems the queen took a liking to the future duchess.

The queen has allowed Meghan to break various royal traditions

Ever since Meghan married into the family, she has hardly been one to follow the rules. Clearly, Meghan was raised in an American family and was unfamiliar with the way the royals worked. But the queen has given her a pass on pretty much every royal tradition she has broken, along with plenty of royal rules. Meghan often wears dark nail polish, which is typically frowned upon in the royal family, but the queen has allowed it. Also, the queen hasn’t commented on the changes Meghan has made for her royal pregnancy, which means she must be okay with it (at least enough to not make a huge deal about it).

Despite the tabloids, the queen doesn’t seem to have a reason not to trust Meghan

Meghan has always been poised and polished on royal engagements.

For the past year, the tabloids have been scrutinizing Meghan’s every move. It seems that the British press doesn’t trust her, and they’ve given the public the idea that she isn’t being truthful in her love for Harry. Some have questioned why Meghan spends so much on clothes and why she is breaking so many royal traditions. Others have made their distaste for her known through their social media comments. But at the end of the day, everything we know about Meghan is essentially speculative. The queen knows her far better than the public does, and the queen doesn’t seem to have any reason not to trust the duchess. Meghan has always been polished and respectful during her royal appearances, which is enough to make the queen happy.

One thing to note is that the queen does want everything Meghan and Harry do to go through Buckingham Palace, which shows that she is keeping an eye on the couple. But she probably knows that Harry has always wanted a life of privacy and wants to make sure the two simply keep up with their royal duties.

The queen likely only cares about whether Harry is happy

The queen has always had a soft spot for Harry, and Harry’s happiness definitely means a lot to her. If Harry is in love with Meghan, and Meghan makes him happy, that’s probably what the queen truly cares about. Plus, Meghan hasn’t made a fool of herself or done anything behind the royal family’s back, so the queen doesn’t see a reason not to trust that she is truly in love with Harry. Meghan and Harry are getting ready to welcome their first child, and everyone in the family seems thrilled. Regardless of what the public has speculated, the queen appears to trust Meghan.

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