Does Sarah Huckabee Sanders Have Any Close Friends?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is best known for the extensive scandals and irresponsible press received under her six-month term as the political advisor of President Donald Trump. Born August 13, 1982, in Hope, Arkansas as the only daughter of Mike and Janet Huckabee, Sanders graduated from Ouachita Baptist University. Her career in politics has centered around being an American campaign manager and press secretary.

Sanders has a strict dedication to her work, even if it doesn’t always seem she’s made her best efforts. Between long working hours and numerous scandals, people wonder if Sarah Huckabee Sanders has any close friends? Here’s what we know.

Sanders doesn’t appear to have close friends of her own

Sarah Huckabee Sanders reading a book on Easter

Sarah Huckabee Sanders reading a book on Easter | The White House via YouTube

Despite extensive searching online and in interviews, it doesn’t appear that Sanders has any close friends to speak of. This doesn’t mean there aren’t people with whom she spends a considerable amount of her time, however. The following individuals are those known to be close to, or spend a considerable amount of time with, the former US press secretary.

Bryan Sanders and the couple’s three children

Bryan and Sarah Sanders have been married since 2010 and dating since 2008. During their eleven-year relationship the two have often been seen together in public. Bryan has been supportive of his wife in her political efforts and has occasionally spoken up in her defense. It can only be assumed the two remain close behind closed doors.

The couple has three children together, with whom Sarah Sanders also spends a considerable amount of her time. Their youngest son, George, was born in June of 2015. The couple’s other two children, Scarlett and Huck, are a few years older each.

Sanders supposedly spent a lot of time with Trump

During her time as press secretary, it appears that Sanders spent a considerable amount of time with President Donald Trump. The two were occasionally photographed together, and actively shared one another’s posts on social media (Twitter, particularly). Nobody knows just how close the two were, however.

Sanders is very close with her parents

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the youngest child and only daughter of former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabee, and his wife, Janet. It is a well-known fact that the couple doted on their daughter. In fact, Sarah’s very first job in politics was helping her father with his own political campaign. Sanders did a lot of the ground work, from stuffing envelopes to knocking on people’s doors.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has two brothers

Like her own daughter, Scarlett, Sanders grew up with two brothers. Her oldest brother, John Mark, is six years older. He works as an actor and is best known for his roles in America: Imagine the World Without Her, Christmas: A Revenge Tale, and Charlie Muse. Sanders’ other brother, David, is only one year older. He works as a mortgage broker.

Sanders spends time with some of her husband’s friends

Although it doesn’t appear that Sanders has any close friends of her own, she has posted on her Twitter account about spending time with some of her husband’s friends. One of these is baseball Hall of Fame legend, George Brett. The couple posted to their Twitter thanking Brett for such a fun night and stating they “haven’t laughed like that in a long time.”

She also sees family friends

Congressman French Hill from Arkansas is an old friend of the family, and he has spent at least a small amount of time with Sanders. Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted a picture of Hill with two of her children to her Twitter account, with a caption that said it was great to see friends from back home.