Does Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow Deserve More Respect?

There’s no doubt Scarlett Johansson has talent. She’s been acting since 1996, and she’s received some serious praise for her past roles: Lost in Translation and Her were both critically acclaimed. 

We know Johansson can act. So why is her role in Avengers: End Game so underrated? Her character, Black Widow, was one of the original Avengers.  Yet when she dies on screen, it almost feels like an afterthought. Especially compared with the deaths of Iron Man and Captain America. Both of those characters are killed off in meaningful ways that left fans in tears.  

Black Widow was always more of a plot device than a character

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson | Mike Windle/Getty Images

Some fans think that Black Widow hasn’t really gotten her due. Throughout the Avengers franchise, she’s been used to move the story forward. Viewers never get to see her character really develop.  

True, she got her fair share of awesome action scenes. Sometimes fans caught glimpses of a troubled past. She was Hulk’s love interest, and fans got to see her in a moral conundrum over who to support in Civil War.  

But none of that has given fans a real sense of who Black Widow is. And none of it has given Johansson a chance to show off her serious acting chops. She could move a theater to tears as well as Robert Downey Jr. if given the chance.  

Can a solo ‘Black Widow’ movie help develop the character?

There’s still time for Johansson to redeem Black Widow. The upcoming solo film will give Johansson a chance to develop the character further. 

The film will take place after Civil War. Natasha Romanoff will meet up with another Black Widow, played by Florence PughBlack Widow will debut in May of 2020.

Some fans see this as Johansson’s time to shine.  A Black Widow solo movie may finally elevate the hero to Wonder Woman status. There’s no doubt she deserves it. Wonder Woman is a mythical being, with superpowers and magical tools to help her fight evil.  Black Widow has no superpowers. She conquers evil just as well as Wonder Woman, but without any supernatural assistance.  

Black Widow deserves more respect

From what we know of the Black Widow, she’s an interesting character. If fans had been given a chance to get to know her — or if the upcoming film would have released earlier — her death may have been a little more impactful. 

As it stands, fans will get a solo film, presumably with more backstory.  However, we all already know when and how Black Widow will die. It’s possible that now fans know how everything ends for this superhero, they won’t be as invested in the character.  

Plus, the solo film will focus on a point in time between movies.  Unlike other solo films, this won’t be a backstory or an origin story.  It seems like they’re setting the film up to have more action scenes and less deep character development with this choice.  

Whether we get to see more Black Widow back story or not, Johansson’s Black Widow deserves more respect.  Fans haven’t been given the chance to bond with this character as they have with the big-name Avengers like Iron Man and Captain America. Hopefully, that will change with the new solo film, and Black Widow will finally get the respect and love she deserves.