Does Sophie Turner Get Along With Her ‘Dark Phoenix’ Cast Mates?

Dark Phoenix has finally hit theaters and fans are quickly getting their tickets to experience the well-awaited phenomenon.

With this bringing the 12th X-Men installment, fans can’t wait to see how the film plays out and how the actors embody their mutant superhero characters.

Dark Phoenix
“Dark Phoenix” cast | Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Seeing as though a lot of hard work went into this film and the actors have spent multiple hours a day together, we can’t help but wonder what the cast’s relationship was like with one another?

Sophie is really good friends with her on-screen boyfriend

When you’re working with people on a major motion picture, it is inevitable that friendships will be formed.

Though everyone in the cast has gotten to know each other over the past few months while filming, there are only a few who Sophie Turner has really bonded with on a personal level.

Since Sophie Turner is the lead actress in the film, she has developed strong bonds with most of her cast mates, especially her on-screen boyfriend Scott Summers/Cyclop, played by Tye Sheridan.

Sophie Turner
Tye Sheridan and Sophie Turner attend the 2019 Billboard Music Awards |Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

While filming, Sophie and Tye have become exceptionally close and developed an amazing friendship.

“We’re like, such good friends, and I’ve always said to Tye, he’s my best onscreen boyfriend I’ve ever had. And it’s just so nice to have such a wonderful relationship with someone that you’re sharing such intimate scenes with. It’s really important to have that connection,” Sophie admitted during an interview at WonderCon back in March.

Turner has even confessed her love for Sheridan and shared that her now-husband Joe Jonas is totally okay with their romance.

“I’m completely in love with him,” Sophie jokingly said before smiling and adding, “[Joe] knows, he’s fine with it.”

Everyone in the cast had a deep respect for one another

Working closely with a large cast, it is expected that everyone has developed deep connections over time.

Though they have maintained a professional relationship while the cameras were rolling, the cast still made sure to have a little fun together in during their down time.

During an interview with Extra TV, Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain revealed that they “partied hard” when the cameras were rolling. Those parties included your typical acapella dance parties to get their energy up.

It has even been revealed that the cast played games together in-between takes. One game that was a cast favorite was called “Tequila Slaps,” which is when 2 people take a shot of tequila and then slap each other across the face.

The game was eventually banned on set after an actress had gotten hurt, but sounded like it was fun while it lasted.

Dark Phoenix shows fans that people who share things in common can come together and take on huge challenges.

Though the only challenges the cast had to face was the intense training, the bonds they formed over time made the filming process even more enjoyable.