Does the Queen Secretly Favor Meghan Markle Over Kate Middleton?

With the many rumors surrounding the royal family lately, fans have been speculating over a lot of different things. First, they suspected drama between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. After that, there were rumors of tension between our two favorite princes: William and Harry. Now, it seems as if people feel that the behavior of Queen Elizabeth II indicates that she actually favors Harry’s wife, Meghan, over the future queen consort, Kate. Is this true, and if it is, what are the reasons for it? Let’s take a look at exactly what has been going on behind palace doors.

Queen Elizabeth reached out to Meghan’s mother

For Meghan’s first Christmas as a member of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth extended an invitation to her mother, Los Angeles-based Doria Ragland, to spend the holiday at Sandringham. This is something that has never happened with Kate’s family in all of the years that she has been married to William. Meghan and her mom were delighted, and although Doria was not able to attend the Christmas celebrations, it left fans around the world wondering why the queen broke royal protocol for the first time ever.

The queen made a solo appearance with Meghan Markle shortly after her wedding

While it took quite some time for Kate to be asked to make a solo appearance with her husband’s grandmother, Meghan was asked to do this merely four weeks after marrying Harry. It would seem as if the queen took her time getting to know Kate and did not feel obligated to ask her to do this honor early on in her days as a royal.

The queen is quite lenient with Meghan Markle

It is no secret that Meghan marches to the beat of her own drummer. While both the Duchess of Sussex and the Duchess of Cambridge were required to take lessons in order to learn the rules of royal etiquette, Kate tends to follow what she learned very closely. Meghan does things her own way and, while she doesn’t flat-out go against the queen’s wishes, she doesn’t always adhere to royal protocol, either.

Kate Middleton is the wife of a future king

William is in the direct line of succession and he is all set to become the king of England someday. Harry, on the other hand, who was once third in line to the throne, has now been bumped even further away to sixth place. This means that chances are slim that Meghan will ever be a queen consort, so she may be under slightly less pressure than her sister-in-law Kate. While both women are often scrutinized in the media, Kate lives in the spotlight just a little more, given that one day, she will be married to the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom. This is a huge role for anyone to take on!

Does Queen Elizabeth secretly favor Meghan over Kate?

Queen Elizabeth has different relationships with both duchesses and it does not appear that she likes one better than the other. It is likely that the different ways in which she treats them simply come from the very different circumstances surrounding their lives. Just as she has unique relationships with each of her children and grandchildren, it can only be expected that it is the same with her granddaughters-in-law. She is not giving preferential treatment to Meghan and is very close to them both. Now that Baby Sussex will be making his or her debut into the world any day now, it is even expected that the entire royal family will come together and be even closer. What a relief that we have nothing to worry about!