Does the Queen Take Medication? Here’s What The Royal Family’s Doctor Says About Her Health Habits

Good health runs in the royal family, or at least healthy habits do. As the longest reigning monarch, the queen knows a thing or two about how to improve her quality of life by staying acting and eating healthy. That said, clean eating and regular exercise don’t always keep germs at bay. And while she doesn’t typically make a fuss about colds, she has called in sick before — which begs the question: Does the queen take medication when feeling under the weather? Not exactly.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

The Queen prefers homeopathy remedies over traditional remedies. | Fiona Hanson/AFP/Getty Images

She believes in homeopathy

The queen believes in the power of homeopathy and prefers to supplement conventional medicines with herbs and other natural healers. According to the queen’s physician Dr. Peter Fisher, the royal family has a long history of homeopathic treatments and doctors. “It actually goes back 150 years to Queen Victoria and her beloved Prince Albert,” Fisher told Naturally Savvy. “The founder of our hospital was Prince Albert’s father’s doctor. There has been an official homeopathic physician treating the royal family since the 1930s,” he added.

Fisher doesn’t just treat the queen; he works with the entire family. “I think Kate and Will are too young and healthy so they don’t need medicine,” he proposed. “But, the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, is very friendly, and he is more than willing to stick his neck out to actually say things. He has spoken at the World Health Assembly which is the AGN of the World Health Organization. So he’s really quite fond of integrative medicine,” he explained.

Her dogs also receive natural treatments

In addition to treating herself with homeopathic remedies, the queen approached her dogs’ health in the same way. “At feeding times, each dog had an individually designed menu, including an array of homeopathic and herbal remedies,” Dr. Mugford, an animal psychologist and behavioral therapist to the royal family told Town & Country.

Queen Elizabeth in Australia with corgis

The queen makes sure to get regular exercise and often walks her corgis herself. | Pool Photo/Getty Images

She makes healthy lifestyle choices

Homeopathic treatments aren’t the only way the queen keeps her health in check. On top of treating symptoms naturally, the queen makes healthy choices to ensure she doesn’t fall ill in the first place.


Except for her beloved cornflakes cereal and chocolate cake, most of the queen’s meals are carb-free and clean. She often eats fish and vegetables for lunch and dinner with fresh, seasonal fruit for dessert. On top of that, the royal family — specifically Charles — is big on organic and many of the foods they eat fall in line with strict organic procedures.


Eating healthy isn’t the only way she nourishes her body. She also enjoys walking and goes for a walk on the palace grounds at least once a day. On top of that, she still rides her horses. In fact, she recently rode her horse at Windsor Castle on the day Prince Louis was born.


It’s no secret the English love their tea, and the queen is no exception. Rumor has it, the queen’s favorite tea is Darjeeling. Also known as the “champagne of teas” (it’s no wonder it’s the queen’s favorite), Darjeeling has a musky sweet flavor with hints of citrusy, mossy, and fruity flavors. But, the taste is only half of the story. Darjeeling is rich in antioxidants — which help ward off free radicals and chronic illness — and can aid in heart, bone, and digestive health.

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