Does the ‘Siren’ Cast Get Along?

Siren put fans under its spell from the beginning with its story about a different kind of mermaid learning to live on land. Though Ryn, the main character, is part animal she is also part human and is able to adapt to many different situations. She needs to in order for her species to survive.

But what goes on behind the scenes of the show? Does the Siren cast really get along? Is it all smooth sailing or are there rough waters? Find out, ahead.

What is the dynamic like on the set of ‘Siren’ for the cast?

Siren cast (Eline Powell, Rena Owen, Ian Verdun, Fola Evans Akingbola, Alex Roe) on the set
Siren cast (Eline Powell, Rena Owen, Ian Verdun, Fola Evans Akingbola, Alex Roe) on the set | Ed Herrera/Freeform via Getty Images

Fans will be happy to know that the cast of Siren gets along well. In an interview with Collider, the cast recalls a memory from filming. It was snowing and according to Eline Powell, who plays Ryn, everyone started singing Christmas songs. Ian Verdun, who plays Xander, said that “one side of the shot looked like a winter wonderland.”

Powell describes it as a “lovely night” and Alex Roe, who plays Ben, says that the cast “definitely became a bit of a family while [they] were shooting.” How wonderful! It’s always nice to see the cast of a show like Siren get along.

After Roe mentioned that the cast is like a family, Powell chimed in with “yeah, we love each other!” but added that the cast “shouldn’t play Monopoly” together. According to Verdun, the cast is ” very competitive” with each other. Sounds like a typical family!

What else helps the cast get along so well?

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In an interview with Pop City Life, Verdun describes the atmosphere on set. According to the actor, “every moment on set was a riot.” This is because the cast is always making each other laugh. Verdun says that even during serious and difficult scenes, ” the energy on set was never grim.”

Not only is the cast made up of talented actors, but according to Verdun, ” everyone was incredibly chill.” This probably made it easier for everyone to get along. If everyone is easygoing, there are less likely to be problems.

The ‘Siren’ cast work and thrive together

Verdun describes how every member of the cast was “so excited to be creating this new world with each other.” That probably led to a very inspiring and creativity-boosting atmosphere on set. And that, in turn, led to everyone getting along “swimmingly,” as Verdun says. And yes, the pun is definitely intended.

So it seems like it’s all smooth sailing for the Siren cast. No rough waters here. And fans are likely glad. It’s always nice to know that the actors on your favorite shows are having as much fun filming the show as you are watching it.

This definitely seems to be the case for the cast of Siren. And it shows in how they act together. All the members of the cast have great chemistry that is evident in every one of their scenes together.

The cast seems to be going in a good direction. We can only hope that the show stays interesting and enticing, and that the cast will get along through it all. This is a show not to be missed by anyone.