Does This Instagram Post Prove Tiffany Trump Is Really Against Donald Trump?

Tiffany Trump has never had the strongest connection with her father, Donald Trump. At least, not in comparison to his connection with her three older siblings: Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka. It has always made us wonder whether or not she shares the same beliefs as her family, but now, we might have an answer.

While we’ve seen plenty of signs that Tiffany may not see eye-to-eye with her father, this Instagram post could actually prove she’s against him (page 5). Plus, Tiffany isn’t the only Trump family member taking a stance (page 8).

1. Tiffany is known as the ‘forgotten daughter’ of the Trump family

Tiffany Trump smiling while standing in front of a podium.

We don’t see her as often as we see Ivanka Trump. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Tiffany is often referred to the ‘forgotten daughter’ of the Trumps, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see her taking a stance against her family. Donald was notoriously underwhelmed upon finding out his mistress-turned-second-wife, Marla Maples, was pregnant with Tiffany in the first place. He admitted in a 2004 interview with Howard Stern that his immediate response was, “Oh, great.”

While Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka grew up in New York City with Donald, Tiffany was raised on the other side of the country in Los Angeles with her mother.

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2. Donald is proud of Tiffany ‘to a lesser extent’ than his three older children

 Donald Trump sits with his wife Melania Trump and from left: daughter Tiffany, son Eric, daughter Ivanka and son Donald Trump Jr. while appearing at an NBC Town Hall.

He might not be as attached to Tiffany as he is to his other children. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Donald once made it clear in an interview with Fox & Friends that he feels a lot more pride for his three oldest children than he does for Tiffany. “I’m very proud, because Don and Eric and Ivanka and — you know,” he explained, “to a lesser extent ’cause she just got out of school, out of college — but, uh, Tiffany, who has also been so terrific. They work so hard.”

It feels as though Tiffany came to Donald’s mind as an afterthought, and on top of him being less proud, it suggests her lack of importance to him.

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3. Tiffany’s former longtime boyfriend is a registered Democrat

Marla Maples sits with Tiffany Trump and her boyfriend.

Given who her father is, her boyfriend is of an unexpected political party. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Taoray Wang

Tiffany even dated a registered Democrat for a few years, so she clearly doesn’t let her father’s politics rule her life. She started dating her (now ex) boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, in 2015, and were “together and serious” up until around July 2017. According to People, their split was likely due to Tiffany’s stress with starting school at Georgetown Law.

Mechanic was actually a Hillary Clinton supporter, who “voiced his support for [her] on social media,” Vanity Fair reported. He did, however, appear to be supportive of Tiffany coming from a family of different political views, even accompanying her to the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Next: She hasn’t made her political views particularly clear.

4. Tiffany hasn’t been involved in her father’s presidency

Tiffany Trump posing with her father. Donald Trump.

She doesn’t play a role in the White House. | Tiffany Trump via Instagram

Other than speaking at the 2016 Republican National Convention, Tiffany hasn’t really gotten involved in her father’s presidency. She hasn’t made her political views particularly clear, but growing up separated from her father’s side of the family, we wouldn’t be surprised if they have differing opinions.

In comparison, Tiffany’s older siblings have been given official roles in the Trump administration. Her older sister, Ivanka, for example, has been involved with “meeting world leaders, speaking at the W20, acting as an advisor to her father, and taking a lead on initiatives such as family leave,” according to Newsweek.

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5. Tiffany ‘liked’ this anti-GOP and pro-gun control Instagram post

A man holds up a sign at a protest.

Social media users were quick to notice that Tiffany had ‘liked’ this post. | Ashley Feinberg via Twitter

Tiffany may have proven that she disagrees with her father on one major issue: gun control. She “liked” the savage Instagram post above, which was taken at the March for Our Lives rally in New York.

The photo includes a sign being held by a protester, reading, “Next Massacre Will Be the GOP in the Midterm Elections.”

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6. Donald stands by the NRA

Donald Trump sits with a frowning face.

We have not heard of a statement from him. | Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

Her father, on the other side of the issue, “has endorsed arming teachers in schools, and has stood by the National Rifle Association and their anti-gun control policy proposals on numerous occasions,” according to AOL.

One thing he hasn’t personally commented on, however, is the March for Our Lives rallies. While avoiding protesters flooding the streets of Washington, D.C., he took an aptly timed trip to Mar-a-Lago instead of facing their demonstrations.

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7. Social media users are applauding Tiffany’s stance

Tiffany Trump sitting in an audience.

This might be a step in the right direction. | Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Tiffany may be a part of the Trump family, but social media users were quick to support her stance against her father’s policies. One Twitter user wrote, “We are one step closer to my ironic/dream scenario in which Tiffany Trump takes her family down.”

Another powerfully commented,  “Good for Tiffany Trump. You don’t have to follow your parents. Mines a white supremacist and today while marching I got myself a Black Lives Matter button. Be the change.”

Next: Tiffany wasn’t the only family member taking a stance against gun control.

8. Jared Kushner’s brother attended a March for Our Lives rally

Karlie Kloss holding up a sign at a rally.

Jared Kushner’s brother posted this photo. | Joshua Kushner via Instagram

Tiffany wasn’t the only family member taking a stance against gun control. Joshua Kushner, Jared Kushner’s brother, marched in the March for Our Lives rally across Washington, D.C. He posted a photo of his girlfriend, model Karlie Kloss, holding up a sign that demands, “Load minds not guns.”

He also posted a photo that simply read, “#IWillMarch” — which Tiffany hit the ‘like’ button on, too.

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