Does Wendy Williams Have a Shopping Addiction?

There have been a ton of rumors swirling around about Wendy Williams this year. People seem obsessed with speculating about the talk show host’s life, whether its following the ups and downs of her divorce from long-time husband Kevin Hunter, trying to figure out whether or not her show is going to get canceled, or wondering about the circumstances surrounding the fact that Williams has been living in a sober house.

In fact, many have described her more recent behaviors as being a sort of cry for help. That’s why it was no surprise that when Williams was seen purchasing a bizarre rhino-shaped ottoman recently, it raised some eyebrows. So does Wendy Williams have her shopping habits under control or does she have a full-blown shopping addiction?

Wendy Williams on the set of Watch What Happens Live
Wendy Williams | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank)\

What exactly is shopping addiction?

Shopping addiction is just what it sounds like — it’s a compulsive need to shop that goes beyond the normal thrill anyone can get from an occasional shopping spree.

According to HuffPost, there are a few different signs that one might be a shopping addict. These include having tagged or unopened items hanging around your house, purchasing things you don’t actually need or want, shopping to resolve unpleasant feelings, getting a rush when you buy something, feeling post-purchase guilt on a regular basis, hiding your habits from loved ones, and getting anxious when you aren’t shopping.

It’s definitely easier to become a legit shopaholic if you have a tendency towards other addictive behaviors, and we already know that that is true of Williams because she has admitted as much herself. So could Wendy Williams really be addicted to shopping?

What was up with that Louis Vuitton rhino?

Part of the reason that so many people are murmuring about the possibility of Williams having a shopping addiction is that she has a tendency to make really lavish purchases, especially on stuff that doesn’t seem to have much of a purpose.

A classic example of that is the Louis Vuitton-branded, custom-crafted rhinoceros sculpture/ottoman made by Bronx-based artist Sole Legends which Williams was recently seen taking home with her. 

It isn’t the first custom piece she has had made for her by Sole Legends since he has made her crystal-studded sneakers in the past. And it’s no secret that Williams is a fan of lavish things, such as the Tiffany’s gifts she received from some unknown benefactor for her birthday back in July. That same day she went on another shopping spree on said benefactor’s dime.

Whether it’s addiction or simply Williams enjoying the generosity of a mysterious new guy, she’s definitely been putting a dent in someone’s wallet, quite possibly as a way of coping with the rough year she has been having.

Still, it’s hard to tell for sure — is this a normal love of shopping or a full-on addiction?

So is Williams a shopping addict?

It’s hard for anyone but Williams to answer that question with any certainty, but it sure doesn’t seem like her shopping is at quite the level of other addictions that she has battled in the past. If the talk show legend has been making numerous big-ticket purchases lately, it may just be because she is celebrating her new life apart from Hunter.

For instance, she has a new $15,000 per month luxury apartment in New York City to fill with furniture and she recently adopted two little kitties to keep her company there.

Williams really seems to be wanting to make a clean break from her old life with Hunter and it makes sense that that might mean purchasing some new things, even if those new things are custom-designed rhino ottomans.

Williams definitely has the money to afford these luxury items, so at this point, it doesn’t seem like she’s hurting anyone, or like her shopping is any real cause for concern.