Donald and Tiffany Trump: How Close Are the Father and Daughter?

Donald Trump is very close with his three oldest children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric. Plus, his youngest son, Barron, lives in the White House with him. But there is another Trump child that is hardly in the news: Tiffany, a law student at Georgetown University — just a few miles from her father’s home. Tiffany wasn’t raised by her father, but up until his presidency, the two had a good relationship. Has anything changed?

Tiffany and Donald Trump

How close are Tiffany and Donald Trump? | Tiffany Trump via Instagram

Tiffany Trump has liked several liberal posts on Instagram

All in all, Tiffany keeps a low profile. She doesn’t get too involved in politics despite having arguably the most political father in the world. But those who keep a close eye on her have noticed she doesn’t seem to be on her dad’s side — at least when it comes to certain issues. She has been caught “liking” liberal posts on Instagram, including one that supported the March for Our Lives. The march brought attention to gun control with the hope Donald Trump would enact change.

Sources close to Tiffany say her father’s presidency has strained their relationship

Friends of Tiffany have told the press that her relationship with her father has been strained ever since he took office. It was reported that the two had gone a few months without speaking to one another. Granted, this could be because they’re both living such busy lives, but with Tiffany attending school nearby, it seems bizarre that they wouldn’t make an effort to spend more time together. Tiffany is the daughter of Marla Maples, and she wasn’t raised by her father, so it’s possible the two are used to going months without talking and not having it affect their relationship. Overall, she will likely never be as close to him as her siblings are.

But she has still appeared at several White House events

At the end of the day, Tiffany Trump is still a presidential daughter. She occasionally participates in presidential events and attends things along with her father, although she is not as involved as her half siblings. Tiffany also has an official White house portrait, and she spends time with her family, including when she attended a weekend in Camp David with her other siblings. She may only be a half sibling, but she still shares the part of her brother and sister that makes them a Trump: Their father.

Tiffany reportedly feels awkward around her father, but it doesn’t mean the relationship can’t improve

Vanity Fair reported that Tiffany and her father’s relationship is awkward. Supposedly, Tiffany doesn’t feel totally welcome on family outings. She does have a close relationship with her sister, Ivanka, but things with her father still seem to be distant. However, Trump’s presidency probably isn’t making anything easier. It’s possible that the two will spend a little more time together once he’s out of office, but it’s to-be-determined whether he’ll want to form a closer relationship with his second daughter — especially if they don’t see eye to eye politically.

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