Donald Trump: Every Time Pop Culture Referenced Him Before He Became President

Donald Trump inherited a lot of money and had a pretty prominent real estate business in New York, so it’s no surprise that he was in pop culture before he even had a television show. Then he became a caricature with the catchphrase “you’re fired!” when hosting The Apprentice.

Over the years, he played himself in multiple television shows and movies. But that’s not the only way he would pop up in pop culture. He was also name-dropped in different ways without having him do a cameo. So where did his name appear?

Here are 15 times Donald Trump was referenced in pop culture before he became president.

1. The Adventures of Pluto Nash

A "Trump Realty" sign in The Adventures of Pluto Nash

A “Trump Realty” sign in The Adventures of Pluto Nash | Warner Bros. Pictures

The 2002 movie was a pretty big flop. It starred Eddie Murphy as Pluto Nash who gets a nightclub on the moon and has to fight to keep it from the mafia. It’s pretty terrible but it still is weirdly relevant when it comes to politics because of its references.

In the movie, we find out that the currency on the moon has Hillary Clinton’s face on them. That’s definitely not the only movie that tried to predict her becoming president. At the time of the movie’s release, she was a senator from New York. The movie also weirdly mentions Donald Trump.

There is a quick scene where there is a billboard in the movie that says “Trump Realty.” So the movie didn’t predict his presidency but it did see his real estate business expanding to the moon.

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2. The Golden Girls

Bea Arthur as Dorothy on The Golden Girls

Bea Arthur as Dorothy on The Golden Girls | NBC

In the episode “Questions and Answers,” we see Dorothy auditioning for Jeopardy. It is then, back in 1992, that she disses Trump by telling the host he is the opposite of Trump. Given that, we can guess how Dorothy would have voted in the election.

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3. The Simpsons

Lisa Simpson as the president in an episode on The Simpsons

Lisa Simpson as the president in an episode on The Simpsons | FOX

When Trump actually started running for president, many people brought up how The Simpsons predicted this a long time ago. In the 2000 episode “Bart to the Future,” we see Lisa has become president after Trump held office. “As you know we inherited quite the budget crunch from President Trump,” Lisa says in the Oval Office to her advisors. The audience eventually also finds out that the country is broke because he invested in the nation’s children.

It’s crazy to think we heard the words “President Trump” this long ago. After many people pointed out this crazy prediction, writer Dan Greaney told Washington Post how the show made it. “He seems like a ‘Simpsons’-esque figure — he fits right in there, in an over-the-top way,” he said. “But now that he’s running for president, I see that in a much darker way. He seemed kind of lovable in the old days, in a blowhard way.”

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4. Gilmore Girls

Sookie talking to Lorelai on Gilmore Girls

Sookie talking to Lorelai on Gilmore Girls | The CW

The beloved show referenced both Hillary Clinton and Trump, which isn’t surprising given the show is loaded with pop culture.

In “The Ins and Outs of Inns,” Sookie and Lorelai are heard talking about how the Independence Inn which is up for sale. When Lorelai asks Sookie to guess who owns it, Sookie replies, “Tell me it’s not that bastard, Donald Trump.”

And that’s not all. In “A Messenger, Nothing More” Lorelai refers to herself by saying, “I am the uber Trump-Murdoch-Maximus!

The show also wrongly predicted Clinton becoming president in the very same episode. While speaking on the phone with Luke, Lorelai says “See you when Hillary’s president,” as a joke about how long it’s going to take him to come home. She also talks about playing video poker in the Trump Taj Mahal, and Rory compares her grandfather to Trump on The Apprentice because of a class exercise.

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5. Designing Women

Julia on the phone in Designing Women

Julia on the phone in Designing Women | CBS

Apparently many people were tired of reading about Trump’s dating life. Back in 1991, there was an episode of the comedy show where we see Julia Sugarbaker on the phone telling him to stop updating the media about who he’s dating.

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6. Friends

Chandler on Friends

Chandler on Friends | NBC

The sitcom had many throwaway lines, and one of them was in reference to Trump. In the 1998 episode, “The One With Phoebe’s Uterus,” Chandler insults Joey’s clothes by saying, “Donald Trump wants his blue blazer black” but then corrects himself, as he meant to say “back.”

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7. Sex and the City

Donald Trump in Sex and The City

Donald Trump in Sex and The City | HBO

This reference certainly doesn’t age well. In the 1998 pilot episode, Samantha spots Mr. Big first and says to Carrie, “See that guy? He’s the next Donald Trump.” In the next season, Trump himself makes it into the show in the episode “The Man, the Myth, the Viagra” where Samantha spots him in a bar. It really is just a shameless plug of Trump Tower.

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8. Charmed

Corr and Clea on Charmed

Corr and Clea on Charmed | The WB

This show about the supernatural also weirdly referenced Trump in the 2004 episode, “Witch Wars.” The Charmed Ones get stuck in a demonic reality show so naturally, Trump came up. Two demons are talking to each other about their reality show scheme and one has doubts that it’ll work. The other assures her that “Donald Trump has his own show.” In other words, if he can do it, so can they.

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9. Hard Luck

Lucky in Hard Luck

Lucky in Hard Luck | Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

In the 2006 crime thriller, we see a drug dealer named Lucky (Wesley Snipes) get caught up with corrupt cops and serial killers. In the movie, there is a Trump reference from a character in a monologue about how everyone is greedy.

“We all want more, even Donald f*cking Trump wants more — more power, more money, more bling, more poonani.”

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10. Romeo Must Die

Trish in Romeo Must Die

Trish in Romeo Must Die | Warner Bros.

The Aaliyah and Jet Li movie also has a throwaway line referencing Trump. The line is delivered by Silk (DMX) in a conversation with Trish. “Your pop’s running around like Donald Trump grabbing up every piece of waterfront he can get his hands on,” he says in reference to Trish’s father, Isaak.

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11. American Psycho

American Psycho

American Psycho | Lionsgate Films

The 2000 movie looks into the psyche of a New York banking executive so, naturally, Donald Trump is mentioned. In a scene where Patrick Bateman is in a car with a woman, he looks out the window and asks “is that Donald Trump’s car?”

This isn’t surprising, given Bateman has often been compared to the real estate mogul.

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12. Battleship

Rihanna in Battleship

Rihanna in Battleship | Universal Pictures

The sci-fi movie didn’t really do very well, which isn’t surprising given it was based on the game. It was Rihanna’s acting debut as Petty Officer Cora Raikes. In one scene she describes her job as “a department run by some kind of Donald Trump-Mike Tyson mutant combo.”

We find out the “Donald Trump” character is Lieutenant Alex Hopper and when he walks in on her comment she pretends it was a compliment.

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13. The Devil’s Advocate 

The Devil's Advocate

The Devil’s Advocate | Warner Bros. Pictures

The thriller shows Al Pacino playing a despicable character and having Keanu Reeves represent him as his lawyer. Turns out Pacino is the devil himself and apparently, he’s connected to Trump. At a party full of people connected to the devil, a woman says, “Donald Trump was supposed to be here, but he had a business emergency.”

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14. Transporter 3

Transporter 3

Transporter 3 | Lionsgate

In this sequel, Frank Martin is trying to rescue a kidnapped daughter of a Ukranian government official. Johnson (Robert Knepper) is the villain and just to nail the part, he references Donald Trump. “In the words of the great American Donald Trump, ‘I’m sorry, but you’re fired'” he says to Frank over the phone.

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15. Marci X

Damon Wayans and Lisa Kudrow in Marci X

Damon Wayans and Lisa Kudrow in Marci X | Paramount Pictures

The 2003 comedy shows Lisa Kudrow playing a rich woman who takes control of a hip-hop record label. In one scene, her character is hosting a charity event and one of the things being offered is a date with Trump.

Damon Wayans character says, “That can’t be real. Who wants to have dinner with Donald Trump?”

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