Donald Trump Just Liked a Tweet About ‘Insecure’ and Issa Rae Is Disgusted

Created by Awkward Black Girl legend Issa Rae, HBO’s Insecure is a stunning sitcom about modern-day Black women in their 30s trying to navigate their love lives, careers, and their friendships in LA. The show began in 2016 and follows besties Issa (Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) as they get through this thing called life.

Currently rounding out its fourth season, Insecure’s recent episodes have been about the demise of Issa and Molly’s friendship due to lack of communication, accountability, and the unwillingness to allow the other person to grow and evolve.

Written and created by Black people (Black women in particular), Rae, Orji, and the entire cast and crew including Natasha Rothwell and Kendrick Sampson have been avid supports of the Black Lives Matter movement, anti-racism, and Black visibility. They’ve also been constant critics of Donald Trump.

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‘Insecure’ is all about the Black experience

As people across the globe have been fighting for Black life, Black voices, and Black visibility, in everyday life, on the big and small screens and everywhere else, Insecure has been pro-Black since it began. Like Martin, Moesha, Living Single, and other legendary sitcoms before its time, Insecure captures one segment of the Black experience through the eyes of Black women.

In the series, Issa and Molly have had to deal with racism and sexism as middle-class Black women trying to figure out their lives in modern-day LA. The series has tackled what it means to date as a Black woman, constant microaggressions that are faced constantly, and overt racism that seeps into all aspects of life.

Outside of the show, the cast and crew have openly spoken out for Black people with Rae coining the term, “I’m rooting for everybody Black.”

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Donald Trump liked a tweet about ‘Insecure’

It’s no secret that Trump and the Black community don’t exactly share any goodwill. While the country is currently protesting and standing up against racism and police brutality against Black people, the President has called for the tear-gassing of peaceful protesters and he constantly remains out of touch with the Black experience. He even glorified violence against protestors tweeting, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Therefore, when Trump liked a tweet discussing Issa and Molly’s friendship, which also used a gif from the iconic film, The Color Purple, fans were absolutely floored. An Insecure fan tweeted, “This is how I wanted tonight’s episode of insecure to end…Damn Molly.”

Though we believe it may have been an accidental like, it is now Trump’s sole liked tweet on Twitter.

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Issa Rae is confused and disgusted by Trump

We highly doubt Trump watches Insecure and considering Rae and crew’s critique of his politics and policy, the actress/producer was obviously alarmed when she was notified about the tweet. “What the f*ck is this,” she asked.

Rae’s The Lovebirds co-star, Kumail Nanjiani quipped, “Well I found one thing I have in common with [Trump]: We’re both big fans of Issa Rae.” Rae responded to Nanjianai with a hilarious gif that read, “Don’t say that. Shhh. Shh!”

Fans are also alarmed, “I don’t know how to process this,” one fan said. Another wrote, “So Trump is just in his bunker watching Insecure while we all out here fighting for human rights???”

What a time.