Donald Trump Tweets That Suggest He May Be Two Different People

President Donald Trump flips flops a lot | via Twitter

It goes without saying that many people are not a fan of President Donald Trump. The current commander-in-chief has alienated many through his controversial opinions, but there’s one thing he does that especially drives people crazy: He contradicts himself — a lot.

Trump’s tweets are a constant source of entertainment for those who are opposed to him, where it becomes perfectly clear how often his opinions change. Here are some of the tweets, on the most popular issues, in which Trump flip-flopped.

On the NFL

Not even the NFL is safe from Trump’s flip flopping | via Twitter

Just a few years ago, Trump was criticizing Obama spending valuable time weighing in on the NFL. Flash forward to 2017, and Trump is doing the same thing. We all need some distractions in life, but it’s hard to ignore this flip flop.

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On women

It appears Trump believes he’s an advocate for women. Of course, many have called him out on that —  including the multitudes of women who have alleged that he sexually assaulted them.

There’s no shortage of evidence of Trump’s misogynistic attitude online. He has bashed numerous women, usually based on their appearance, while also getting angry when Hillary Clinton and many others made note of his sexist behavior.

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On the press

Trump’s relationship with the press has always been shaky, even before he ran for president. Back when he was busy bashing Obama in 2012, he never released any sources for his claims that the then-president was not born in the U.S.

Fast-forward to today, and Trump frequently calls out the media for what he believes is “fake news.” He is quick to discredit anyone who critiques him in any way that he can, including, ironically, pushing back when there are no sources.

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On China

International relations present challenges for every administration, but Trump has really upped the ante. His proclivity toward saying one thing and doing another has made some world leaders very upset, while others seem happy to mend fences.

Relationships with leaders in a few different Asian countries are especially strained. Though Trump has happily bashed China in the past (apparently blaming them for creating the concept of global warming), he just met with and heaped praise upon the country’s current leader, Xi Jinping.

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On healthcare

One of the most divisive issues of the 2016 election surrounded healthcare, specifically Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Trump ran on a platform that included repealing this act, and has done everything in his power to keep that promise since taking office.

While the ACA was a step toward healthcare for everyone in the U.S., Trump’s stance against it goes against previous statements he made supporting universal healthcare initiatives. In fact, Trump has even flip-flopped on this subject within the span of a day.

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On abortion

It’s clearly not about the political party when it comes to Trump. He has gone back and forth on many issues, including abortion.

Pre-dating Twitter, Trump flip-flopped on this topic many times, saying in 1999 that he was “very pro-choice,” though adding “I hate the concept of abortion.” His statements in recent years have painted a much less tolerant view, with the president taking aim at Planned Parenthood specifically.

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On releasing documents

Given the way he tweeted about Obama, Trump is clearly an advocate for transparency — that is, when it comes to others.

While he pushed for Obama to release his birth certificate while he was in office, the parallel discussion surrounding Trump’s tax returns comes to a screeching halt. The president has made excuse after excuse for why he won’t release them, but he’s always quick to point out where other politicians have failed to cooperate in the same fashion.

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On the wall

There were many repeated sound bites during the 2016 presidential race, but few were quite as prevalent as “the wall.” Trump’s plan to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico in order to keep illegal immigrants out was a major part of his platform.

The arguments about the wall are numerous. Trump has maintained that Mexico will pay for the wall, that construction has (or has not) begun, and that there is, in fact, a literal wall (some have said that it’s metaphorical). At this point, it just sounds like Trump is talking in circles.

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On guns

Second Amendment rights are a major topic of discussion as gun violence in the U.S. continues to wreak havoc on the nation. In true Trump fashion, he has taken opposing sides at different times in history when it comes to his stance on guns.

On one hand, Trump wants you to believe that he is just like any other gun-toting conservative. But on the other hand, he seems to fully disagree with the entire practice of hunting, which is the reason why many gun owners fight for their rights in the first place.

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On himself

Trump has a tendency to find a way to work himself into every statement that he makes. And yet, he’s even been known to contradict himself when it comes to, well, himself.

In response to a Twitter user in 2014, Trump called himself “perfect.” “I’ve never said I’m a perfect person.” Yet following the release of the tapes with Billy Bush last year, he made a video that began, “I’ve never said I’m a perfect person.”

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