Don’t Fall Asleep in Front of ‘Flipping Out’s’ Jeff Lewis Or He’ll Do This to You

Jeff Lewis | Jeff Lewis Instagram

Anyone who watches Bravo’s Flipping Out knows Jeff Lewis has a devilish side. While he can explode on people from time to time, he’s also pretty playful. One thing he seems to love is playing pranks on any innocent bystander he can find.

And while most would think design or house flipping is Lewis’ favorite thing to do it isn’t. What he gathers tremendous satisfaction from is photobombing people who fall asleep in public places. Lewis has dozens and dozens of images lining his Instagram account. When some exhausted traveler grabs a nap. Lewis then sneaks a snap.

“It’s my absolute favorite pastime,” he told Bravo’s The Daily Dish. “And I never thought it would be, but I travel so much for work that I spend a lot of time in airports and a lot of times you’re waiting for flights, flights get delayed, you want to get there early; what do you do to pass the time? Well, you take pictures with sleeping people is what you do.”

Lewis has more photos of sleeping innocents than you can count. Here’s a taste of a few.

One follower can’t believe the woman didn’t realize it was Lewis

One person commented, “I can Not believe she was that close to Jeff Lewis!! Too bad she was asleep 😴 lol Someone better wake my ass up if Jeff is ever got that close to me… I freakin love him! He’s too damn hilarious.”

Lewis is keeping flyers awake now

With so many photobombs of sleeping people, it’s no wonder people are getting paranoid. One follower commented, “I’m scared to go to sleep at the airport I know you’ll end up being around and take my picture!!!”

Should Lewis take this follower’s advice?

While the sleeping man looks tremendously uncomfortable, one follower made this suggestion to Lewis. “If you could find a way to spoon.. quickly… it would be great!!!!”

Oh my

This unsuspecting, weary traveler got as comfortable as possible but unfortunately, as this follower pointed out, “Hands in the pants..gross.”

Poor Zoila isn’t safe either

While Lewis doesn’t appear in the photo, he couldn’t resist covering his former housekeeper Zoila Chavez with beer bottles.

Neither is Gage

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Lewis’s comment of “payback” makes you wonder what he is paying Gage Edward back for.

Oh wait

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This means war.

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Now we know what Lewis was “paying” Edward back for. And apparently, it meant war too.

Even Jenni Pulos got in on it

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Back to business @lasvegasmarket.

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Jenni Pulos, a former friend, an assistant gets in on the fun too. Even though she and Lewis have parted ways, this image proves they had fun.

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