Don’t Miss These 9 Videos of Upcoming PlayStation 4 Games

The unfortunate truth for PlayStation 4 owners this year is that Sony doesn’t have many exclusive games lined up for the holiday season of 2015. Thankfully, third-party developers have you covered, with games like Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, and Fallout 4 coming to the platform to fill every hour of free time you have with excellent gameplay.

Next year is a different story. Sony has a lineup of exclusive games that will start launching in 2016 and continue unabated into the future. Here are nine brand new videos of games coming to the PS4.

1. Street Fighter V

Release date: February 16, 2016

We now have a release date for Street Fighter V, a game that’s a PS4 “console exclusive” (meaning that it’s also coming to PC). The hot new trailer above introduces Dhalism, the fifteenth character announced for the game so far. This stretchy-limbed yoga master has been spitting fire and punching people from across the room since Street Fighter II. Only one more unannounced character remains for the launch lineup, but Capcom promises six additional characters will be released as downloadable content during the first year the game is on the market.

2. No Man’s Sky

Release date: June 2016

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever to get a release date for No Man’s Sky, the space-faring game that’s roughly as big as the universe. Developer Hello Games has brushed the release date question aside every time it has come up — even on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. But those days are over. Thanks to this brand new trailer, we now know it’s coming in June 2016. That is, assuming it doesn’t get delayed.

3. Gravity Rush 2

Release date: 2016

In the PS Vita game Gravity Rush, you play as a woman who can defy the laws of gravity, which means she can fall in any direction she chooses. A remake of that game and a brand new PS4-exclusive sequel are heading our way in 2016. Watch the new trailer above to get an idea of how you’ll be able to use the forces of nature to your advantage in Gravity Rush 2.

4. Tekken 7

Release date: TBA

We don’t know a whole lot about this fighting game yet, but producer Katsuhiro Harada says the PlayStation 4 port of the arcade version will be the most content-complete version of the game. It will also come with content that will “please PlayStation fans.” That could mean characters from other PlayStation properties will appear in the game, or it could mean something else. Additionally, Tekken 7 will support the PlayStation VR headset.

5. Boundless

Release date: TBA

Based just on this trailer, it’s hard to know what to expect from Boundless, a game that lets you explore numerous colorful worlds by walking through portals. It has a kind of Minecraft vibe, but weirder. And what’s with creatures carrying hammers in and out of portals? And what language are they speaking? We’ll have to wait and see.

6. Horizon: Zero Dawn

Release date: TBA

One of the most anticipated PS4 exclusives is Horizon: Zero Dawn, a game that mixes the prehistoric with a large helping of sci-fi. In the new gameplay video above, you can see the heroine going on a mission to collect a resource that can only be found on the backs of a herd of mechanical dinosaur-like creatures. How she retrieves it, and what happens after she does — well, you should watch it to see for yourself.

7. Matterfall

Release date: TBA

Matter does fall in the trailer for this shooter from the makers of Resogun. The matter comes in the form of glass-like cubes that fall from shattered enemies when you riddle them full of bullets. While no gameplay is on display here, the trailer gives a sense of what this game will be like. Expect a fast-paced shooter; though based on the developer’s previous games, don’t bet on it taking place in three dimensions. Side-scrollers are Housemarque’s bread and butter.

8. Detroit: Becoming Human

Release date: TBA

Developer Quantic Dream is known for making cinematic games like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. That same movie-like sensibility seems to be play in the upcoming title Detroit: Becoming Human. This game centers around an android who comes to life as a result of a mistake and decides to (cue the dramatic music) become human. The trailer looks great, so we’ll see if it lives up to its premise like Heavy Rain did, or if it will disappoint like Beyond Two Souls. However it ends up shaking out, it looks great so far.

9. WiLD

Release date: TBA

This game looks better and more unique with every new video Sony releases. In the latest gameplay walkthrough, the hero takes control of a series of wild animals, rides on the back of a bear, and summons an enormous snake woman. If you’re not intrigued, you probably haven’t watched the video.

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