Dorinda Medley From ‘RHONY’ Has The Best One-Liners Ever

True Real Housewives fans know that if they are in need of a hot one-liner, they should look no further than Dorinda Medley from The Real Housewives of New York City.

Medley is like a gorgeous one-liner factory because many of her comments are basically honored in the “Real Housewives Hall of Fame” (if there actually was one). Her remarks are widely used as memes, some shout them during cast member Luann de Lesseps’ cabaret show and they’ve been turned into cartoons.

Dorinda Medley | Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

By now, everyone knows the point of reference of “making it nice.” And people can’t get enough. What are some of Medley’s greatest hits?


One way to shut down a conversation is to do what Medley did and “clip” it. This incredibly memorable moment was produced as a frustrated Medley used this comment to shut down a heated discussion.

But it was more than just saying the word “clip” over and over. Medley partnered “clip” with a hand gesture that meant to shut it all down.

I made it nice

Medley has tried a few times to host the ladies at her beautiful home in the Berkshires. She typically invites everyone for her birthday and a Christmas celebration. And in true Real Housewives fashion, the parties typically go to hell in a hand basket.

So when an exasperated Medley saw everything and everyone falling apart she just couldn’t deal anymore. She exclaimed, “I cooked! I decorated. I made it nice!”

Not well bitch

Another famous Dorinda-ism, “Not well bitch” was delivered when Medley was asked how she was doing post squabble with cast member Sonja Morgan. Cast member Ramona Singer just hosted a big party at her home in the Hamptons. At dinner, Medley and Morgan decided to nip at each other, but their passive aggressive comments just became aggressive aggressive.

After dinner Singer’s dinner guest and author of Sex and the City Candace Bushnell asked Medley how she was doing. That’s when Medley replied that she wasn’t doing well. Bitch.

EZ pass

During the same dinner, Medley delivered a comment that pretty much had everyone in stitches. During her argument with Morgan she went after Morgan’s dating life. She wanted to make the point that she thought Morgan was a little too loose.

Medley explained to Bravo’s The Daily Dish exactly what she said and the whole EZ pass comment. “Because I was talking to her and I was like, ‘You know, stop. Mind your own business. You need a turnstile and a ticket for your front door and an EZ pass on your vagina. Start making some money.’ I don’t know ’cause I was just so angry. It’s like, ‘You’re not perfect.’ I’m sad to say this, but I wanted to say something hurtful the way she said something hurtful about me.”

Martini limit

Medley has been known to turn up the volume when she’s been drinking. So when asked about how many drinks are too many drinks, she had something to say about martini limits.

During a confessional interview she famously said, “Martinis are like breasts. Two are great. Three are too many.”


Things weren’t “well bitch” when de Lesseps took the stage for the first time during her cabaret show. Medley hooked up de Lesseps with some beautiful gowns created by designer Jovani. But when showtime came, de Lesseps and Medley were on shaky ground.

Medley became further aggitated when she discovered that while her boyfriend wasn’t invited to the show, cast member Tinsely Mortimer’s boyfriend was. When de Lesseps asked the audience if they liked her dress on stage, and didn’t reveal the designer name, Medley couldn’t hold back and more. She kept shouting “It’s Jovani!” several times in the crowd. Today, it has become almost part of de Lesseps’ act as some crowds will shout “Jovani” as the countess takes the stage.

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