‘Double Shot at Love’ Episode 8: Who Went Home?

In Double Shot at Love episode 8, the guys took the girls roller skating, and they finally begin to compete over the same girl. Also, the contestants are still annoyed by Nikki Hall, especially after a well-liked girl in the house is eliminated. Who went home?

Double Shot at Love episode 8 Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D
Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

What happens in ‘Double Shot at Love’ episode 8?

DJ Pauly D suggests everyone go to the club to blow off steam from Angelina Pivarnick’s fiery visit last episode. Maria Elizondo admits to Vinny Guadagnino that she is afraid to open up because she had her heart broken on television before. Maria made her reality TV debut on MTV’s Are You The One? Season 7 where she tried to find her perfect match. Unfortunately, her match, Shamoy Persad, had a girlfriend the whole time.

Nikki and Pauly D started making out on the stairs, upsetting Marissa Lucchese and Brittani “B-Lashes” Schwartz. Marissa pulled Pauly D away from Nikki and took him to the couches, and they had a decent conversation. Marissa opened up to him, and Pauly D said he felt a connection with her. Vinny begins to notice that B-Lashes is always in the middle of all the drama, but never talks to him or Pauly.

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The boys took the girls roller skating, and some contestants immediately got annoyed with Nikki. They claimed she was “thirsty for attention” and falling on purpose, so Pauly D would joke with her and help her back on her skates. Pauly D spread his time almost evenly between the several girls pursuing him including Holly Gurbisz and Derynn Paige. He also kissed Marissa, who wasted no time letting everyone know.

Elle Wilson, a contestant Vinny already established a connection with, texted Pauly D to meet her at the gazebo. They had a great conversation, which resulted in a kiss. B-Lashes saw from the upstairs window and told the other contestants. Pauly D told Vinny what happened, and Vinny said it hurt his feelings a little.

Who went home in ‘Double Shot at Love’ episode 8?

B-Lashes and Alysse Joyner ended up in the bottom two. Alysse, initially a fan favorite at the beginning of Double Shot at Love because she and Vinny kissed the first episode, faded to the background and Vinny noticed. Even though Alysse convinced herself he would send her home after they talked at the roller skating rink, Vinny decided to keep her in the house and work on their connection.

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When Vinny pulled B-Lashes to the side at the skating rink, he found out for the first time that she likes him more than Pauly D. He felt like she is more focused on being a friend to the other girls in the house than getting to know him. Therefore, Vinny called a cab for B-Lashes, much to the dismay of the other contestants. They were vocal about their disappointment, claiming that the boys prefer “someone like Nikki” stay in the house than a “good girl” like B-Lashes.