‘Double Shot at Love:’ Pauly D and Vinny Meet the Remaining Ladies’ Families

In Double Shot at Love Episode 11, Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D met the families of the six remaining ladies. They prepared a six-course Italian meal for the guests to enjoy while the parents and friends asked the bachelors anything they wanted. Which families can they see themselves being a part of and whose cab did they call?

Double Shot at Love families
Vincent “Vinny” Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D | Tom Briglia/ WireImage

Alysse Joyner

When Alysse found out her family was coming to the Double Shot at Love mansion, she did not want her dad or brother to be the lucky guests. Alysse claimed her overprotective dad takes her dates on car rides and her brother headbutts people.

However, her parents, Hewitt and Lisa, showed up, and she couldn’t have been happier. Hewitt asked Vinny why he should be okay with Vinny dating Alysse and 19 other girls. And, Lisa wondered why they have trouble finding a girlfriend.

While Vinny didn’t answer Hewitt’s question, he explained to Lisa how hard it is to date when you’re famous so “in a weird way,” Double Shot at Love works for him. Alysse said she felt more connected to Vinny after he met her family and apparently so did Vinny because he did not call Alysse’s cab that night.

Derryn Paige

Derryn began the episode by telling the confessional that she felt more confident after her and Pauly D’s kiss. She also admitted she’s already started to fall head over heels for him.

Derryn was one of the most nervous when she found out her family member would be coming to the house. However, her dad, Don, pleasantly surprised her. He’s watched Jersey Shore before, and he and Derryn appear to be very close.

Unlike the other girls’ families, Pauly D seemed like he was trying to impress her father. He explained how he worked as a DJ since the age of 14, washed cars at 16, and ended up making a career for himself. Pauly D even pulled Don aside to tell him he raised an amazing daughter. He also said he hopes to have their type of relationship with his child.

Maria Elizondo

When the boys announced her family and friends were coming to the mansion, Maria hoped it wasn’t her brother. However, her brother and best friend, Robert and Jon, end up arriving at the house.

While her brother was too busy fist pumping, Maria’s best friend pulled Vinny away. He asked Vinny how he felt about her and admitted Maria takes a while to open up. But Vinny said he likes her so she should let her walls down to him.

Nikki Hall

Nikki didn’t want to get comfortable in her position with Pauly D after he and Derryn kissed. So she texted him to meet her secretly. They snuck out of the house and hugged each other and made out, right in front of the main window to the mansion. Elle saw them kissing first and pointed it out to Alysse. So far, it seems like those two are the only ones who know about Nikki and Pauly D’s “secret meeting.”

Nikki tells the confessional that she doesn’t speak to her family much. She says she hasn’t talked to her mother in a year and doesn’t know if anyone would come for her. Her cousin Jermaine showed up, and he mentioned Nikki’s clinginess in the past to Pauly D. Vinny says it’s a red flag and thinks Pauly D is blinded by how forward Nikki is towards him. However, Pauly D still chose to keep her in the house.

Elle Wilson

The last time viewers saw Elle, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to solely pursue Vinny or Pauly D. After Elle saw Nikki all over Pauly D, Elle told the confessional she regretted kissing Pauly. She also said it pushes her more towards Vinny now. Elle’s mother and aunt, Tonia and Maria, came to meet the bachelors.

Her mom is a retired federal prosecutor and Vinny connected with her. He told her he was going to go to law school before deciding to join the Jersey Shore cast. Elle’s mother also told Vinny that Elle is a painter, and Vinny happens to be an artist as well.

Brittnay Dawson

Brittnay is worried about her position with the guys because she still hasn’t kissed either of them yet. Her parents, Bill and Cathleen, came to dinner at the mansion. Brittnay says they’re overprotective because she’s fallen in love too fast before.

Vinny explained Brittnay is in the mode of caring for the boys, but they want her to be herself. He also said Brittnay’s dad scared him because of how he grilled them. The boys ended up calling a cab for Brittnay. They said she seemed so much older than them due to her life experiences.

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