‘Double Shot at Love’ Finale: Who did Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D Choose?

Double Shot at Love is over, and now two lucky ladies will have a single shot at love with DJ Pauly D or Vinny Guadagnino. Will DJ Pauly D choose Derryn Paige, the gorgeous, sophisticated cat lady, over Nikki Hall, the passionate and possibly clingy Jamaican beauty? Does Elle Wilson, the beautiful and smart artist or Alysse Joyner, the shy but loving striking dancer get a single shot at love with Vinny? Keep reading to find out who won these guys hearts!

Double Shot at Love finale
Vinny Guadagnino and DJ Pauly D | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

The girls meet DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino’s mom

Pauly D’s mom, Donna, and Vinny’s mother, Paula, came over to enjoy dinner with their sons and meet the potential girlfriends. Uncle Nino also came along for the ride and claimed he had a chance with Derryn. Vinny’s mom called Elle out for wearing a white dress while they’re cooking; however, she got along well with Alysse. Nikki talked to Donna about her and Pauly D’s relationship for almost the entire time they were cooking, and Derryn couldn’t get a word in.

When dinner began, Paula still teased Elle about her white dress. Uncle Nino also addressed the fact that Elle kissed Pauly D and Vinny, and asked her “who tasted better?” Derryn and Nikki attempted to impress Donna, and they both thought each other put on a front for her.

The moms felt like Derryn was putting on a show, and also warned him about Nikki. They questioned Nikki’s intentions, and if she genuinely knew Pauly D. With Alysse, they believe she is timid and Paula joked Vinny and Alysse would have a “quiet house.”

Paula also claimed Elle is sweet and came from a good family; however, doesn’t see any romantic sparks between her and Vinny. He thinks his mom likes Alysse better because she helped in the kitchen.

Who does Vinny Guadagnino pick in the ‘Double Shot at Love’ finale?

Vinny admitted he is not in love. However, he does believe he will find love soon with the woman he chooses. With Elle, although they match up perfectly and enjoy the same things, she reminds him of his past girlfriends. He said he has a great connection with Alysse, but can’t put his finger on why. Although Vinny knows who he will pick, he’s afraid of hurting the other girl.

Elle told Vinny she had been looking for someone like him her entire life, and she can picture them hanging out in his hometown, Staten Island. Alysse said she was always attracted to Vinny, especially after their first kiss at the club. She thinks he’s everything she wants and needs in her life.

Vinny admitted Elle is beautiful but also acknowledged that she’s a “nerd” like him. He told Alysse he began to fall for her after playing with his dog and understands her shyness.

The Jersey Shore star sent Elle home because even though they have so many things in common, he has an unexplainable feeling with Alysse. Elle was in shock and claimed to be heartbroken over the situation. 

Who does DJ Pauly D choose in the ‘Double Shot at Love’ finale?

While Pauly D is getting ready, he explained he enjoys Derryn because she is career driven and good with kids. He also liked her dad; however, he acknowledged the fact that he let Nikki consume his time. Pauly D said he understands how intense Nikki is, but he’s also the same way. But, Pauly D recalled being blinded by love before and remembered everyone’s reservations about Nikki. Pauly D is scared for the last cab ceremony because he doesn’t want to make the wrong decision.

Nikki told Pauly D that she acts the way she does because of how Pauly D treats her and looks at her. She also believes in her heart that Pauly D is the one for her. He acknowledged how passionate Nikki had been towards him from the start. Derryn told Pauly D she has never clicked with anyone the way they have and thinks he might be her soulmate. Pauly D recognized that Derryn came a long way from “the plant lady,” and could be the girl that has it all.

Pauly D sent Derryn home because their connection came later. He also never fostered their relationship because Nikki hogged a lot of his time. Derryn admitted she was shocked and didn’t see it coming, and believes she’s “hotter and nicer” than Nikki. After Derryn left, Nikki proclaimed, once again, that she loves Pauly D.

He began to think about everyone’s similar drawbacks about Nikki and admitted to himself how alarming her intensity is. Therefore, Pauly D decided to send Nikki home and ride solo.