‘Double Shot at Love’: Is MTV Taking on ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise?

The Bachelor is one of the most popular dating reality shows. The show originally premiered in 2002 and has spawned several spin-off series. There are also adaptations in 26 different countries. MTV has introduced Double Shot of Love and other dating reality shows; are they taking on The Bachelor franchise?

Chris Harrison
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The Bachelor and the other MTV dating reality shows follow similar formats. It begins with the production crew picking the “single(s).” The contestants that are fighting for the single’s love usually do not know who the person is beforehand. Every episode usually consists of the single going on romantic dates with one or multiple candidates. The single eliminates contestants every episode until they choose the winner. The shows also include twists that always stirs up drama in the house.

The main difference between The Bachelor franchise and MTV’s dating shows is MTV usually has the contestant or single participate in a game to win the solo date. On The Bachelor, the dates are chosen beforehand.

Dating reality show: ‘Double Shot of Love’

The Bachelor, Double Shot of Love, and almost every other dating reality show start the same. The contestants gather in a room and enjoy a booze-filled night while they try to get know the other candidates and the single. And, of course, there’s the person who drinks too much and wants to go home the first night.

Double Shot of Love is a spin-off of A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. Both of these shows were bisexually based and featured 12 heterosexual males and 12 lesbians competing for love. Double Shot of Love followed twins Erica “Rikki” Mongeon and Victoria “Vikki” Mongeon as they dated the guys and girls in the house to find their true love.

The show originally debuted in 2008 and MTV rebooted the series in 2019. The producers selected DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino from Jersey Shore to compete for the affection of 20 girls.

‘Game of Clones’: MTV’s bizarre dating reality show

In this dating game experiment, MTV chose its most known stars to go on dates with seven different candidates. Each candidate is dressed up as the single’s celebrity crush. The purpose of the show is to see if the single can find their perfect match when all the candidates look like their type.

Game of Clones is based on a British show and is supposed to have some moral to it. Game of Clones includes Dealbreakers, a game where the single weeds out contestants by asking questions that are deal breakers for them. There is also one-on-one time and solo dates that the single participates in with the candidate they select. It ends like all other dating reality series; with the single choosing the person who they would date.

‘Are You The One?’: MTV’s most popular dating reality show

MTV’s most followed dating reality series is Are You The One? There have been seven seasons, and the format differs from other dating reality shows. Eleven single women and men move into a house together on a quest to find their perfect match. The producers have already paired male-female couples together based on a matchmaking algorithm. Every week, two pairs of male-female couples go on a date, which makes them eligible to be voted into the “truth booth.” The male-female couple with the most votes is analyzed in the truth booth and notifies the house if they are a perfect match.

At the end of the episode, the single’s choose their perfect match and they sit together during a ceremony. Once everyone has been chosen, they find out how many perfect matches they have, but not who those matches are. If all the singles are correct in finding their perfect match, they share a million dollar cash prize.