Dr. Dre Inserts Himself Into The College Cheating Scandal

No one told Dr. Dre that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Dre, whose real name is Andre Young, has received a firestorm of criticism after taking to social media to announce that his daughter was accepted to USC all on her own merits. While there is no connection between Dre and the ongoing college cheating scandal, Truly Young’s acceptance into the school might not have been a long shot. Dr. Dre, along with Jimmy Lovine donated $70 million to the University of Southern California.

Donations can buoy a prospects chance of being accepted

While Dr. Dre didn’t exactly buy his daughter’s way into the school like Lori Loughlin, he also didn’t leave her acceptance up to chance. It is pretty much a given that if your family’s name is on a building on a college campus, your acceptance is all but guaranteed. 

Prep School Scholar alleges that children of donors are considered “developmental cases” by elite schools. These students’ applications are reviewed separately from traditional applicants and are admitted according to far less stringent standards. They, according to books on the topic, are even more likely to be accepted than legacies. Students who have parents that have or can donate $500,000 or more are pinned as developmental cases.

Dr. Dre is being accused of forcing his child into attending USC

Dre might have been throwing shade at Lori Loughlin for forcing her children into attending USC, but he apparently did the same to his own spawn. Truly Young, who currently attends the school, posted about how Dre was pushing her to attend the prestigious West Coast institution.

According to Heavy, Truly is more interested in the music industry than academic study. She released her first single in 2018 and has allegedly been working on an album. While there is nothing to say that a music mogul can’t also attend college, Truly seemed less thrilled with her admission than her proud father.

What did USC use Dr. Dre’s donation for?

The good Dr. didn’t just donate a little bit of money to USC, he gave millions to help the school develop an entire program, and aptly has an entire wing partially dedicated to him. The Jimmy Lovine and Andre Young Academy is dedicated to helping students who have the entrepreneurial spirit develop their talents in art, technology and the business of innovation.

Dr. Dre
Andre Young, Aka Dr. Dre (Photo by Ken Hively/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Students enrolled in the program can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Art, Technology and the Business of Innovation. The program also includes elective courses in design, audio engineering and recording, venture management and entertainment. The academy also offers a graduate program, according to the official USC website.

Lovine and Dr. Dre donated the money back in 2013 to develop out the academy. Young was admitted to the school years after Dre’s donation.