Dr. Tiffany Moon of ‘RHOD’ Reacts to Kameron Westcott Calling Her Out: ‘We Do Not Use That Word in My House’

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Dallas are no strangers to drama. In its first few seasons, the cast dealt with cheating rumors, racist remarks, and money troubles.

With the addition of Dr. Tiffany Moon, season five might provide even more action. Moon doesn’t waste any time getting under the skin of fellow castmate Kameron Westcott, and the two are at odds early in the season.

Who is Dr. Tiffany Moon?

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Dr. Tiffany Moon is a successful anesthesiologist. She likens herself as a better Doogie Howser. Born in China, Moon’s parents came to the U.S. when she was young, and she quickly picked up English. She graduated from college at 19 and medical school at 23. She credits her extreme “Tiger Parents” for pushing her to achieve academic success.

Now married and mom to two five-year-old twins, Dr. Moon struggles with a work/homelife balance, which is a big focus on the show. Since it was taped during the pandemic, the additional hours and intense mental exhaustion show the struggles frontline workers faced during the height of the coronavirus. 

The chicken foot debacle

The problems with Westcott started when Moon wanted the ladies to get together for some dim sum. At the restaurant, Moon insisted that each of the ladies try a chicken foot. Westcott, who’s known for having the palette of a five-year-old, declined, saying she wasn’t comfortable trying the delicacy. Moon forced the issue and it ended with Westcott throwing the chicken foot on the floor and both women upset with each other

The duo’s animosity stems over into the next episode and gets even hotter when Westcott made a comment on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live TV show. She told Cohen that she finds Moon to be bossy, a word that upset Moon.

Tiffany Moon talks back

Kary Brittingham, Stephanie Hollman, D’Andra Simmons, Brandi Redmond, Kameron Westcott, Tiffany Moon | Tommy Garcia/Virginia Sherwood/Jonathan Zizzo/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Moon was recently on Danny Pellegrino’s podcast Everything Iconic to tell her side of the story. Speaking about the dim sum brunch, she says she thought it would be funny to see Westcott try a chicken foot. “When I watch the episode back, it is very clear to me that I was overly enthusiastic for her to try a chicken foot, which is true. I just thought it would be hilarious if Kameron Westcott ate a chicken foot. I don’t know why; I had it in my head that it would just be the funniest meme of all time.”

She went on to say that she usually tries to push her friends out of their comfort zones and serving the ladies dim sum was no exception. Moon went on to say there’s a proper way to decline food, not “gagging and asking for a barf bag when the food that I’m presenting you comes out.”

As for Westcott’s comments on Cohen’s show, well, she has a lot to say about that too. The word bossy just doesn’t sit well with her. In fact, it’s banned from her house.

She explains that: “It has a negative connotation to it. I think it’s particularly used against strong, ambitious women. Have you ever heard a man be called bossy? I haven’t. It’s used when strong, ambitious women take charge of a situation or give orders. And it’s [used] to put them down or put them in their place. And I don’t like it.” 

She goes on to say that she spoke to Westcott regarding the comment and the reasons why she dislikes it. Moon tells Pellegrino it’s good to get these things out into the open because they can discuss the issues and clear the air. Housewives, clear the air?

Dr. Moon might be in for a rude awakening. There haven’t been too many Housewives forgiving and forgetting.