‘Drag Race Holland’: Patty Pam-Pam Says She Didn’t Expect for the Show To Focus on ‘Reality TV’ over ‘Talent’

The competition on RuPaul’s Drag Race spinoff, Drag Race Holland, is already cutthroat. The maxi-challenges are competitive and the runways are already stellar. This week, Patty Pam-Pam became the second queen to to sashay away. In an exit interview, the drag queen says she expected talent to be a bigger focus in the show.

'Drag Race Holland'
‘Drag Race Holland’ | World of Wonder

‘Drag Race Holland’ is in full swing

Now that the show is two weeks in, Drag Race Holland is officially in full swing. The first-ever Holland queens Miss Abby OMG, ChelseaBoy, Envy Peru, Janey Jacké, Madame Madness, Ma’Ma Queen, Megan Schoonbrood, Patty Pam-Pam, Roem, and Sederginne.

TV host and stylist Fred van Leer, is essentially “RuPaul” of the show. In a prior statement, he said, “It’s all about charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent and I can’t wait to see all the fantastic creations of the queens on the runway, the lip syncs and all the challenges we created. A first message to our queens: You’d better work b***h! Good luck and don’t f**k it up!”

Roem was the first queen to be eliminated during last week’s episode. For the second week, ChelseaBoy and Envy Peru were the mini-challenge winners. For the maxi-challenge, the girls were paired in two groups (chosen by ChelseaBoy and Envy Peru) to create a workout video. Envy Peru also won the main challenge. In this week’s episode, Patty Pam-Pam was the second queen to get the chop. Pam-Pam lip-synched against Madame Madness, but the latter came out victorious.

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Patty Pam-Pam talks about being eliminated

in an interview with Metro, Pam-Pam, whose real name is Pieter Roberts, talked about being on the show and what it felt like to be eliminated. Overall, the queen says that regardless of the outcome, she felt challenged.

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“It was a wild experience,’ she said. “It was a challenge and I challenged myself in creating new costumes. It was a challenge of growth. It was quite a nice experience but also a really tough one.”

“I think it was [everything I imagined it to be],’ she added. “But it was also more reality TV than I thought it would be. I was there ready to show my talent and I think at the end talent was not interesting for them. It’s reality TV and I really got into my mind about it. Others had strong personalities which I’m not that kind of queen.’

Though she believes that the judges didn’t “totally get the message” of her runway, she is “proud” of what she accomplished on the show and during that week.

“I should have just changed my presence, my personality level,’ she added, saying that she was ‘in her own mind” during the span of her time in the competition. She questioned, “Should I have just changed that? I don’t know.

In the United States, Drag Race Holland airs Thursdays on WOW Presents Plus.